Why Are Cloud Video Streaming Platforms Gaining Momentum

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 28-Jun-2022


Cloud Video Streaming Platform Development


Every industry is going through cloud transformation and the video streaming sector seems no exception. However, what is driving media companies and service providers to transition to cloud-based video processing and delivery solutions for video streaming and broadcast? 


Well, obviously the COVID-19 pandemic has been a major catalyst. When global lockdowns were put into effect, the video consumption skyrocketed and the cloud services materialized as an exceptionally resilient infrastructure.


While the surge in online video streaming solutions was unprecedented, the trends in digital media consumption are here to stay. Moreover, as video streaming soars in the years to come, cloud computing will give service providers the much-needed flexibility, agility, scalability, and capacity to handle massive traffic fluctuations without raising any need for infrastructure expansion. 


In this blog, we will discuss why cloud video streaming platforms are gaining popularity and elucidate the benefits of investing in cloud video streaming platform development for increased scalability and business continuity. So, let us begin. 

Cloud Video Streaming Platform Development

Reasons To Opt For Cloud-Based Video Streaming App Development For Your Business


  1. High availability & service continuity


Live events and concerts can draw colossal viewership and needs the highest levels of service continuity to mitigate outages at the most vital moments.


In this context, cloud computing services have proven to be remarkably effective and robust for live streaming. Thanks to cloud-neutral solutions that can simultaneously run on any of the major cloud platforms. Furthermore, the cloud also unlocks the power of geo-redundancy, therefore, no matter the size of the events or real-time concerts, your service will always be up and running.


  1. Pay-as-you-go


Research suggests that viewers are steadily spending more money and time on video streaming than on pay-TV, thereby making video streaming the most sought-after type of media consumption. 


Also, since cloud services are conceptually based on the pay-as-you-go business model, it is a natural fit and more appropriate for the video streaming industry. With a cloud infrastructure, businesses have to do only a little or no upfront investment. Instead, they only have to pay for the processing, content delivery networks (CDNs), as well as the related resources used. Altogether, this approach truncates the need to predetermine the expected capacity.


  1. Demand for targeted advertising and personalized content


According to research, more than 80% of the TV shows that people watch on video streaming and OTT platforms like Netflix are discovered via the platform’s recommendation engine. In the existing era, personalized content has become a must-have attribute for both advertisers and viewers. 


Service providers all across the globe are choosing the cloud for their video delivery services since cloud-based video streaming solutions furnish rich feature sets to deliver personalized content to users and across a multitude of platforms, including social media as well as free ad-supported TV (FAST) platforms. Also, without the cloud, it is inefficient to create targeted ads. In general, targeted ads are powered by dynamic ad insertion (DAI) technology, which is backed by the cloud with server-side ad insertion (SSAI).


  1. Scalability to adapt to traffic shifts


On-premises infrastructure needs businesses to pre-estimate the peak usage of their live video streaming services, including how much storage and computing capacity they would need. 


With the cloud, companies can stream an infinite number of real-time events, concerts, programs, or channels to fluctuating numbers of viewers without any pre-estimations. If the viewership suddenly proliferates, businesses can seamlessly adapt to the agility of cloud-native services and can scale in real-time. 


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  1. Reliability with cloud streaming platforms


When the cloud was in the early phases of adoption, there were some concerns related to reliability when compared to on-premises broadcast infrastructure.


However, with profound innovations in cloud computing technology, the scenario has changed entirely. When you take a glance at the reliability and success of large-scale video streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix which function and operate predominantly on the cloud, it is crystal clear that the cloud can incessantly handle the traffic and workflow requisites of the present-day video streaming market.


  1. Cost-effective solution for video streaming


When you have decided to make a video infrastructure investment, incurring costs and estimation play a pivotal role in deciding how to materialize your vision for tangible success. Recent comparisons have shown that the overall expense of operating a digital media or video workflow on the cloud vs on-premises is often relatively equivalent. 


With a fully-managed cloud computing service, you are subsequently minimizing your hardware resources, maintenance, and costs. You can ultimately leverage those gains to strategically invest in your user experience, core business, and other value-added services for your users.


  1. Simplified upgrades & feature velocity


As more and more video streaming services are entering the market, viewers have been showered with an increasing number of streaming platforms as well as content choices. Therefore, it has become imperative to differentiate your services from the rest and furnish engaging content to win eyeballs as well as keep users interested and engaged on screen for a longer period of time. 


Features that can help in differentiating your services include multiview, watch together services, UHD channels, and more. Cloud-based streaming solutions not only enable you to experiment and test new features and services in the market without fully investing but also helps in simplifying your upgrades. 


Rather than going for an entire headend refresh which is costly in terms of equipment and resources, opting for the cloud that is software-based is a much more viable selection. 


Video Streaming App Development With Oodles Technologies


In 2022, we are seeing an unparalleled adoption and development of cloud-based infrastructure for video streaming and OTT services. The cloud is empowering video streaming service providers to efficaciously stream personalized content to viewers and monetize their offerings through targeted advertising. Nevertheless, as live video streaming grows, the cloud will scale in real-time and will undoubtedly match the increased demand with optimum efficiency, speed, performance, and security.


At Oodles Technologies, we offer end-to-end digital media delivery solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes. As an established video streaming app development company, we empower and support businesses to develop their VOD, OTT, IPTV, and cast-ready applications in accordance with their industry standards and needs. If you are looking for video streaming services, feel free to connect with our experts. We will get back to you within 24 hours.


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