What is Web Scraping and How to Perform Web Scraping Using Node js

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Web scraping means getting useful information from any website, web scraping help us to extract the useful information from any websites .e.g. suppose I have to extract the price details of all product from any e-commerce website, then I will extract price information and stored them on our database, to use further. Web scraping is a process to remove the manual copy paste work, and help us to automate the system for gathering all essential information, 


Why Web Scraping -


"Getting the HTML source code from the website. Reading the Dom, Making sense of the HTML content, Extracting the useful information which we are interested in, and extracting it. Moving the discovered information to the storage of your choice (.txt file, database(MySQL,NoSQL), etc."

  • web scraping is easy.
  •  web scraping Read Whole HTML Souce Code from any website.
  •  web Scraping in Automated.
  •  A single script can read the full web page and extract the required information.
  • Replace the traditional Copy and paste methodology .and save our time and manpower also.


Web Scraping with node js -


 Libraries for Web Scraping:-

 There are a number of the library in node js to read the Dom and extract the information from it 

  •   Cheerio - is an NPM library use for web crawling /Scraping.
  •   HTML parser - is an NPM library, HTML parser is used for Web crawling /Scraping the Dom.

  How to use node js in Web scraping -


 it is very simple to crawl webpages with the help of node, it is fast and accurate and we can easily parse that information and stored them in our database (MySQL ,NoSQL).

 Step to read the dom 


 - first, we have to install node js and dependency libraries in our project.

 - we can install cheerio / HTML-parser, depend on our practice 



 - pass the URL on HTML parser it will crawl whole page's Dom 








 - Now we can easily extract that information from dom.



Output after extracting those infromations:-




With the help of node js web scraping script we can easily extract useful information on our database /.txt file /XML or .json files . we can store these values on our database for future use and also we can show this information on our websites. 


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