What Is The Future of Conversational AI in The Metaverse

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 18-Jul-2022


Conversational AI in The Metaverse


Despite the metaverse being monumentally virtual, the fundamental and basic tenets of communication, as well as language, will be exactly the same as in our physical world. If the metaverse is strategically destined to behave like real-life global cyberspace, the language barriers have to be eliminated. For instance, Meta Platforms (earlier Facebook) has already picked up on this issue and announced a universal speech translator powered by AI. 


It is fair to say that the metaverse is a futuristic, novel, and super ambitious concept, however, this is the magic of unprecedented technological advancements – with a potential to deliver surprises and innovations that no one can predict. In this existing time, the metaverse has become the latest macro-goal for global businesses across a myriad of industries.


In this context, conversational AI is emerging as a linchpin in constructing the communicational pillars of the metaverse and bridging the gap between users and immersive virtual worlds. Everything will be interactive, engaging, and intuitive in such a realm – a neoteric digital space full of possibilities and free of limitations where even inanimate objects like cars and houses can interact with us! Furthermore, the mundane tasks of the real world will subsequently become much more convenient and immersive. 


In this blog, we will elucidate the importance of conversational AI in the metaverse and how it will transform the functionality of an expansive virtual world, and how it will eventually transform user experiences in the metaverse.

AI in metaverse

What is Conversational AI?


Conversational AI is essentially defined as the set of technologies such as chatbots or virtual agents behind automated messaging and speech-enabled apps that furnish human-like interactions and conversations between humans and computers. It is used to communicate like a human by deciphering several languages, understanding intent, recognizing text and speech, and responding to users in a way that mimics human conversations. 


Moreover, conversational AI leverages large volumes of data, machine learning, and natural language processing (ML) to help imitate and replicate human interactions and translate text or speech into other languages. The NLP processes flow into a constant feedback loop in tandem with machine learning processes to continually improve and optimize the AI algorithms. Through conversational AI, unstructured data is transformed into a format that can be seamlessly read by a computer, and then it is altogether analyzed to generate an appropriate and related response. Underlying ML algorithms are also used to improve the response quality over time as it learns and adapts to user responses and queries. Here, we have mentioned four crucial NLP steps than can be further broken down into the following segments:


  • Input generation
  • Input analysis
  • Dialogue management
  • Reinforcement learning


Conversational AI in the Metaverse: Bridging the Gap Between The Virtual and Real Worlds


With the metaverse development services and consistent innovations in the virtual realm picking up the steam, conversational AIs have a unique and prominent role to play in architecting the real-world-like digital landscape of the future. It enables the creation of AI-powered virtual 3D characters and avatars that can be leveraged to populate virtual immersive worlds. 


These conversational AI-driven avatars would have the ability to efficaciously engage with a plethora of modalities that people would use such as body language, physical interactions, emotions, and facial expressions in addition to speaking or typing/texting.


As a toolset, conversational AI will play a vital role to construct sophisticated, highly realistic, and naturally interacting virtual characters that can deliver more compelling and engaging digital experiences for users and participants inside the metaverse where speech would just be the tip of the iceberg in reference to the communicative prowess of these virtual AI avatars. 


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The Evolution of Digital Humans In The Metaverse


In order to make the virtual real more immersing, appealing, and interactive, the metaverse is actively amalgamating augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) with artificial intelligence. 


Now, just like chatbots on websites, chat forums, or social media platforms like WhatsApp, metaverse solutions will entail Non-Player Characters (NPCs), controlled by AI in the virtual world. The way chatbots assist users by accurately and relatively answering their queries and furnishing them with round-the-clock support, digital humans or NPCs also replicate human movements and provide a more seamless and pleasant user experience by:


  • Resolving queries and making metaverse platforms more user-friendly and accessible for people
  • Interacting and communicating in a way that any human would normally do in the real world
  • Making gameplay and gamified experiences more engaging, immersive, and realistic
  • Acting as a customer support representative, waiter, travel agent, musical host, or driver depending on the occasion and context


These are only a few of the functionalities and attributes that these specialized digital humans are capable of performing. Moreover, it is extremely fascinating to think how businesses and public organizations of all shapes and sizes will integrate this intuitive and emerging metaverse technology to revolutionize their customer support channels.


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Customer Assistance and Support in The Metaverse: From Chatbots To Digital Humans


At present, a lot of organizations and enterprises across various industries use sophisticated chatbots to help their users by performing different tasks such as booking hotel reservations, booking transportation, making appointments, offering retail assistance, and more. 


Similarly, the metaverse will also require intelligent customer support and assistance services – but with these smart virtual characters, users can seamlessly engage in open-ended conversations, get answers to the queries, seek advice from, crack a joke with – and chances are that they could even make you laugh in return.


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