Web App Development: Top 5 Python Development Frameworks

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 16-Jul-2021


Web App Development: Top 5 Python Development Frameworks 


Despite the emergence of dozens of web app development frameworks, Python’s reputation and popularity have remained high and intact. It is essentially because of the continual evolution of this programming language. Moreover, Python offers developers incredibly reliable and efficient frameworks for building robust, scalable, and cutting-edge web applications and other solutions. Such attributes make Python web app development services the most sought-after choice among a wide range of businesses. But what makes Python indubitably competitive and distinctively consistent?

In this blog, we will shed some light on some of the extensively used Python frameworks and how they keep on enhancing web programming and related areas.

Python Web App Development
Best Python Web Development Frameworks

Software and web developers rely on different sets of Python web development frameworks to devise their solutions using Python coding language. These programming languages share striking similarities and considerable differences. Depending on the type of services you need to build, different frameworks are selected in accordance with the needs. 


  • Django

Django is a full-stack open-source Python web development framework. It allows developers to write intricate codes and build feature-rich web applications with minimal effort. It also offers a vast array of libraries written in Python. Some of the highly-acclaimed features of Django that make it popular amongst the web developer community include code reusability, superior efficiency, and low code programming. 

In order to map instances to its database, the framework implements object-relational mappers. It further supports various popular databases such as Oracle, MySQL, and SQLite. Its support also extends to web servers. With a plethora of capabilities, Django web development is one of the most widely used Python-based app categories.

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  • CherryPy

Like Django, CherryPy is an open-source Python web programming framework. It is known for its exceptional efficiency and speed. It makes the deployment process more scalable by embedding its own multi-hung server. CherryPy also supports all development frameworks that are compatible with Python. 

With it, you can use a comprehensive range of tech stacks for Python web development or other related projects. Be it for creating advanced features, using templates, or optimally accessing data, CherryPy helps you in a multitude of ways and in every aspect of the development phase. It also enhances functional areas such as uploading files, monitoring sessions and managing cookies. 


  • Falcon

Falcon is a minimalist framework that is used for rapidly developing app backends and web APIs. Unlike other Python web development frameworks, Falcon enables you to devise streamlined and cleaner designs based on REST API and HTTP architectures. For building HTTP APIs, you do not have to load a lot of dependencies using Falcon.

Falcon furnishes complete code coverage and is used by top companies such as OpenStack and LinkedIn. Some of the most deliberate and prominent capabilities of Falcon include DRY request processing, optimized code base, idiomatic HTTP error responses, speed boost, and more.


  • Web2py

Written in Python, Web2py is a cross-platform web app development framework. It is open-source and enables developers to build dynamic web content alongside other responsibilities. The framework offers a debugger, code editor, and several other deployment tools. Web2py also has a ticketing system for seemingly resolving any potential bugs or errors.

Some of the most noteworthy features of Python web programming frameworks include multiple protocol reading capabilities, cross-platform abilities, usage of model view controller (MVC) pattern, seamless functionality without additional configuration or installation, and more.


  • Pyramid

Pyramid is an incredibly flexible web development framework based on Python. It runs on Python 3 and is one of the most extensively used Python frameworks. Tech-focussed enterprises such as Yelp, SurveyMonkey, and Mozilla use Pyramid.

Among potential services, the most plausible features include the ability to manage both large and small apps, HTML structure validation, URL mapping, data documentation, and comprehensive testing.

Final Thoughts

Python is an incredibly powerful web development framework- easy to learn and program. That is perhaps one of the single most important reasons that make the language so famous amongst beginner and experienced developers alike. With Python, developers can integrate an extensive range of functionalities and features with utmost ease and unmatched speed. At Oodles Technologies, our team has hands-on expertise in delivering advanced web solutions using Python. To discuss your requirements, feel free to drop us a line.


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