The Future of Custom Mobile App Development And Connected Devices

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 21-Jun-2021


The Future of Custom Mobile App Development And Connected Devices


Who would have imagined a decade back that a smartwatch would be able to consistently monitor heartbeats for tracking user’s health and even assist in analyzing deep sleep patterns? Apart from its actual functionality of displaying time, these connected wearable devices are guiding users in exercise workouts, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. Empowered with the neoteric IoT (Internet of Things), the technology has enabled innovation amongst the scope of these gadgets’ operations and features, leading to their multi-fold rise in global adoption.

Custom IoT Mobile App Development
How are Mobile Apps and IoT connected?

IoT is a network of connected devices within a predefined space such as workstations, homes, or offices. These connected devices & gadgets tend to receive and send data packets with ease to connect and communicate autonomously or with any human intervention. Smart TVs, smart washing machines, smart ACs, smart lights, smart fans, smartwatches, and more are all innovations in a similar technological landscape.  

Mobile applications are usually the software components of these smart devices that make them hassle-free to provide smartphone outcomes such as controlling and monitoring. Thereby, making everyday tasks smarter and easier with these smart & connected devices.

The era of Edge Computing

The analyzing and processing methodologies for IoT networks are set to metamorphose in the near future. 

Earlier, IoT-enabled devices had to send data packets to the cloud, wherein enterprises used to leverage SaaS to rent higher processing power to gain the required information. It would then deliver the requisite outcomes and results back on the devices. But now, since businesses understand the importance and vitality of data, they have been inclined to edge computing more than ever, wherein the data is not needed to go all the way to the cloud in order to get processed. Instead, it can be seamlessly saved and processed closer to the source ‘edge computing systems’ on the topology of IoT. 

Indubitably, it has immensely helped IoT networks to amplify speed, security, efficiency, and versatility, all in one go. Even mobile applications are featuring a much lower latency time and are storing data closer to mobile users for quick client-server executions. 

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Latest Hardware Innovations

As the number and types of IoT-enabled devices have snowballed along with the swelling of market size, people have been on a consistent lookout for more connected gadgets that can enhance their lifestyle. Moreover, the industry hasn’t even been disappointing them. In coherence with customer demands, there has been a plethora of IoT app developments and new hardware innovations in order to keep up with the fast-paced industrial environments and their users. 

Even now, it is again up to mobile app developers to deliver the latest software in accordance with the smart device sensors to their clients so that they can stay up-to-date with the global IoT developments. 

High-Security Attributes

Connected devices are much closer to us and thus, their security is of utmost concern. With a slew of enterprises now experimenting and innovating on IoT-related developments, they are at a high risk of taking a lighter attitude in terms of cybersecurity. For businesses, in comparison to sales, cybersecurity tends to feature as a lower priority and hackers are always on the lookout for any loopholes pertaining to mobile applications.

Through custom mobile app development, you should always focus on maximizing the security attributes of your IoT networks, circuits, and connected devices. 

Current Scenario & The Future of Mobile Apps & Connected Devices

The tech market is already thriving with smart devices and gadgets of all sizes and shapes. Mobile applications, thus, shall have to adapt to the upcoming innovations and their functional complexities. As a legitimate IoT business and for achieving sustainable success, custom mobile app development companies will have to understand these requirements and build customer-centric solutions & mobile apps that will be scalable, robust, and secure for long-time work apart from seamlessly processing and synchronizing user data. 

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