Understanding The Emerging Use Cases of Metaverse

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 06-Apr-2022


Use Cases of Metaverse


The internet continues to evolve and furnish remarkable opportunities for individuals and businesses around the world. From using static web pages to ushering in the new era of Web 3.0 innovations, we have witnessed the power of new-age digital transformation. In this chain of progression, metaverse services come next in line that is captivating diverse industry sectors with the full-scale possibilities it presents. 


Even though the concept of metaverse was coined a decade ago, it became increasingly popular in the past year with mega-companies such as Microsoft and Meta (formerly Facebook) announcing their multi-million dollar investments in metaverse projects. Moreover, as more and more people are beginning to understand the merits of metaverse development solutions, the buzz around the persistent shared virtual worlds continues to magnify.


In this blog, we will uncover top use cases of the metaverse and what benefits it offers to a myriad of industries. Let’s begin.

Use cases of metaverse

Benefits of Metaverse Enterprise Services


With the ever-increasing telecomputing trends, people preeminently rely on digital modes of communication and virtual spaces such as video and web conferencing to interact and socialize online. 


In order to take the existing digital experience to a whole new level, metaverse presents an expansive range of real-world capabilities to individuals and businesses in the 3D immersive world. We have mentioned some of the key advantages that metaverse development and integration services bring to us.


  • Offering intuitive virtual tour experiences


Metaverse enables people to visit virtually where they physically can not go. By leveraging the combined power of AR, VR, blockchain, and AI, metaverse represents an advanced virtual realm that provides first-person experiences to the users.


  • Making online gaming more immersive


A majority of the metaverse games today have a robust decentralized economic model where publishers and developers have the ownership of in-game assets via NFTs and the right to sell/trade them. Moreover, making the idea of exploring a borderless world with 3D virtual game avatars makes metaverse gaming all the way more exciting.


  • Addresses the challenges of enterprises


Metaverse has the potential to combat all the existing challenges and issues of enterprises such as training, offering knowledge sessions, and remote work. It enables managers to efficiently connect and communicate with the employees which include in-person interactions in the metaverse with digital avatars and reading their body language. Moreover, employers can also solve problems such as productivity, and time management by keeping a track of team efficiency and productivity via their unique digital avatars.


  • Effective tool for healthcare professionals


Metaverse services are a boon for medical staff and healthcare professionals who are unable to visit patients because of geographical limitations. In the immersive, hyper-realistic world of the metaverse, they can seamlessly interact with patients, perform simulated operations and medical procedures as well as offer better insights into the health conditions of patients.


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What Are The Top Use Cases of Metaverse?


With the basic impression of the initial concept and the theories around what metaverse actually is and why it is gaining sudden momentum in recent months, you must also be eager to learn more about the real-life metaverse use cases. If you take a look around, everything has turned digital, right from identity verification to payments. Therefore, a digital reality with the like of metaverse enterprise solutions has the full potential to transfigure the way people and businesses use and perceive technology. Below, we have enlisted some of the potential and emerging use cases that you can explore within the metaverse.


  • Advanced Blockchain Metaverse Use Cases 


Blockchain is basically a decentralized technology that is crucial for the mass adoption of metaverse services across a plethora of industries. It is the core technology that powers NFTs, smart contract, and more. It functions as a distributed ledger for recording P2P transactions and supporting the creation of DApps and NFTs.


With metaverse solutions, businesses can design and deploy realistic NFT marketplaces where users can interact and collaborate with one another, look at their preferred NFTs, and make better buying decisions. Since metaverse furnishes a shared realm of interconnected virtual spaces, it has been significantly promoting new and engaging NFT or blockchain-based games where users can acquire in-game assets/collectibles and further trade them with other players. Simply put, blockchain services fuel metaverse to offer interoperability, transparency, accountability, accessibility, and immutability to diverse industry sectors.


  • Virtual Businesses and Marketplaces


Technology indubitably creates intuitive opportunities for businesses, empowering them to promote their products and services effectively. With the increasing adoption of metaverse development services, enterprises are stepping out of the 2D surfaces of eCommerce and embracing life-like virtualized landscapes for profound immersive experiences. 


For instance, eCommerce business owners can seamlessly interact with merchants in a 3D virtual space and carry forward trading formalities such as negotiation, product inspection, and finalizing a deal. Furthermore, they can effectively impact consumers using realistic and interactive marketing content instead of solely relying on digital marketing tactics. 


With a suite of new business concepts, metaverse enterprise solutions also complement the creation, trading, and ownership of digital assets as well as the tokenized versions of real-world products to empower the adoption of Non-Fungible Tokens. 


  • Virtual Learning and Work Spaces


The COVID-19 pandemic has incessantly compelled businesses all across the globe to adopt new modes of digital communication. Because of this, video conferencing and online meeting platforms have become popular for online classes, remote work, and other corporate training arrangements. Having said that, these platforms fail to offer engaging, compelling experiences, and social interactions are only limited to real-time video and audio.


Metaverse provides users and businesses with crisper, ultra-realistic, and immersive experiences to address this limitation via its geographically-rich virtual atmosphere and 3D avatars. Rather than seeing users on a computer screen and interacting through microphones, metaverse enables us to traverse the digital world with life-like user avatars.


  • Expansion of Social Media Platforms


Mark Zuckerberg and the glorious minds behind the Meta platform understand that neoteric technologies can do much more than just connect people through social media platforms. Their idea of working vigorously on metaverse development solutions is to introduce a limitless 3D space that is not limited to merely watching individuals on mobile or computers screens and listening to them.


Platforms based on the metaverse offer more immersive and pleasing experiences for social media users by infusing a feeling of actual presence among them. Combining AR and VR technology solutions further allows the construction of a more realistic virtual experience beyond the existing social media capabilities.


Final Thoughts


The speed at which new technologies are advancing is no less than the speed of light. The applications and use cases of the metaverse are present in almost every field and industry sector and further amalgamation of various technologies will take the prowess of the metaverse to a whole new level.


Oodles Technologies offers end-to-end metaverse development services to a myriad of industries. Our experts have an in-depth understanding of metaverse as well as supportive technologies like blockchain, 3D technology, AR/VR tools, AI, and more. If you are looking for metaverse development services, feel free to drop us a line, our team will be happy to assist in fulfilling your business needs.


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