Top Health Chatbots That Have Transformed The Healthcare Industry

Posted By : Vidushi Vij | 20-Aug-2018

Top health chatbots

There is a myriad of sectors that Artificial Intelligence has impacted for quite a long time. Healthcare is no less, it has also witnessed some of the significant changes from the use of Artificial Intelligence technology.


Chatbots have been around us since 1966; they are smart algorithms that can solve your problem, talk and even give suggestions. Moreover, they can show feelings and empathy, thus becoming more and more popular. Interestingly, You can talk to your new AI friend whenever you feel lonely. 


Chatbots in Healthcare
Surprisingly, Chatbots and healthcare compliment each other very well. Chatbots development services aim to make our lives easier and better and are adopted in healthcare to personalize the user experience. Instead of directly contacting hospitals, chatbots will do your task.


According to a research, these algorithm powered interfaces will not only ease the burden of doctors but will also take good care of patients. Chatbots make the use of Knowledge management to answer certain questions. 

The number of health-related chatbots is increasing with incredible speed, we have listed some of the best just for you to make your lives easier than ever before.



SafedrugBotis is a messaging service chatbot that provides assistance like supporting the doctors to get information about certain medications during breastfeeding. Not only that, it provides information about the ingredients present in the medicines. 



Your.Md is a free AI based chatbot, used to check the symptoms. It was awarded the Unesco/ Netexplo in 2017. Your. Md is a one-stop solution for the health that is available on IOS, Android, Slack, Messenger, and Telegram. It will provide you with all the details about medical service providers such as doctors, pharmacies, and test centers. 



Izzy can become women’s best friend and will surely become their go-to app once they start using. It tracks period dates or even your fertile window so that you don't need to worry about it every month. The izzy app provides a lot of good information about menstrual health.


Ada Health

Ada Health is a free AI-based medical app developed in Europe by hundreds of doctors and scientists in 2017. It is an interactive chatbot which tries to understand the symptoms of the patients by asking a few questions. It can become your favorite healthcare app as it will monitor your health data over the long term. 


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Use Cases for Chatbots in Healthcare


Customer Service
Go to any site and you will be welcomed by a chatbot, which will be there to help you or assist you to solve your query. Therefore, there is no way that healthcare can lag behind in this, chatbots can help you book an appointment, know information about any medication, ask query etc. This reduces the time of patient of going to the hospital for small things. 


Better Research
Machines can keep themselves up to date with the latest researches and studies in comparison to humans. Thus they can give more accurate information and suggestion to the patients as well as provide more personalized treatments.


Chatbots in the healthcare industry is increasing at a fast pace and will keep on growing even more. They help in making better healthcare decisions, maintain good health management and saves a lot of time as it solves the patient’s problem instantly. Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that the algorithm powered, text or voice-based interfaces have transformed the world of healthcare completely. If you have any other opinions, write it down in the comment section below. We are a chatbot development company and develops sturdy apps in healthcare using chatbots.


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