Smart TV App Development: How Can It Benefit Your Streaming Business

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 28-Sep-2021


Smart TV App Development: How Can It Benefit Your Streaming Business?


During the last few years, video streaming services have topped the entertainment charts. The swift evolution of conventional TV broadcasting has resulted in the rise of smart TV application development, garnering and attracting millions of users with intuitive on-demand video streaming interfaces and wide functionalities. 

Smart TV application development has unlocked tremendous entertainment opportunities such as live video streaming, playing games, accessing social networks, remotely managing and controlling all your systems across multiple compatible devices using a single app. 

Moreover, new service branches such as the Android/iOS TV app market, television-oriented development, and specific platforms have emerged. Therefore, this highly developing sector offers a lucrative investment right now. 

Some of the popular platforms for smart TV app development include: 


In this article, we will discuss some of the core factors and benefits of Smart TV app development for video streaming services.

Smart TV App development
Key Attributes For Creating Smart TV App

Before jumping on the bandwagon of smart TV app development, you should first explore the core KPIs in the niche. Here are some of the main attributes.


  • Screen Size/ Distance

The main difference between TV and mobile app development lies in perception distance and screen size. While watching television, crisp and high-quality resolution is extremely crucial for providing a positive viewing experience to users. 

Besides, smart TV App developers should also focus on angular resolution, dealing with individual capabilities to examine and detect minor details in the picture. Therefore, great emphasis should be laid upon objects’ commensurability and design peculiarities. 


  • Technique specifications

Smart TV app development differs a lot from mobile application development services due to goal peculiarities. In order to build an efficient final product, particular skills associated with design and program architecture issues are required. This also includes profound software architecture understanding, SDK knowledge, and practical experience in languages such as Java, CSS, and HTML.

  • Navigation

Despite the services being offered for the ‘big screen’, the concern of easy-to-use navigation remains relevant. Multiple subcategories and complex structures normally confuse users seeking simple relaxation. Hence, the transparency of functional and user-friendly content determines the device’s productivity and performance.

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Moreover, commensurability issues are also linked with navigation problems. Short apt phrases, readable texts, contrastive but not too loud background, suitable icons, catchy design- all of these aspects should be thoroughly considered before iOS or Android TV app development.


  • Remote Control

Issues related to remote control also influence a user’s seamless and hassle-free experience and usage. Options to receive what you want in an exact way is extremely important, therefore various platforms look out for multiple solutions that are capable of replacing obsolete and traditional remote control devices. 

For instance, let’s evaluate two of the top smart TV app development contenders. While Apple TV aims at providing touch integrations, Android TV employs voice input functionalities. 


  • Rigorous Testing

It is incessantly vital to do proper and profound testing before launching your final product in the market space. This procedure is applied to evaluate and optimize the program, fine-tune, and adjust as per the convenience of users. Developers should not only ensure an intuitive and seamless user experience but also factor in the performance and video streaming issues.

After you have extensively analyzed all the above-mentioned aspects, you can then finally launch the smart TV application. 

Final Thoughts

As the statistics and future predictions suggest, smart TV app development services show absolutely no signs of slowing down. Moreover, experts are also anticipating a massive leap of the ‘big screen’. 

In the OTT industry, although major media & entertainment players are holding the leading positions, you can always join the league and create your own OTT app or smart TV app to conquer the niche. 

If you are looking for VOD app development services or iOS/ Android Smart TV application development services, feel free to drop us a line. Our experts will get back to you within 24 hours. 


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