Smart Rings: The Rise of New Age IoT Wearable Devices

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 24-May-2022


IoT-Based Smart Rings


When we talk about wearable devices and applications, we generally refer to common gadgets such as smartwatches, smart glasses, fitness bands, headgears, and more. However, taking a leap forward with IoT embedded devices, we have smart rings taking the world by storm.


These relatively new breeds of smart gadgets are smaller and lighter as compared to bracelets or watches and look nearly identical to regular pieces of jewelry. Although smart rings are still in their infancy stage, there are several options that are available in the market today. Some of them are used to track pulse rates, sleep activities, and more, costing nearly $352 while others may only have NFC chips onboard for unlocking things, priced nearly around $13. 


In this blog, we will elucidate the benefits of smart rings and how it is bringing a new age of dawn in the IoT and wearable industry. 

Smart rings

A Brief Introduction to IoT-Enabled Smart Rings


A smart ring is a wearable electronic gadget that is embedded with mobile components such as NFC chips and sensors that are used for a multitude of applications, usually for tracking daily activities, and also as peripheral tools for supporting mobile devices. 


Altogether, these make smart rings a nifty alternative to fitness bands and smartwatches. But it is crucial to know that smart ring applications go beyond just tracking steps or being an extension of your smartphones.


They are used for a range of practical applications including access control, online security, digital contactless payments, and more. Moreover, as the IoT and metaverse smart gadgets market continue to mature, there will be more and more use cases of smart rings for people and businesses to explore. 


Simply put, smart rings are the inevitable future of wearable technology. Driven by mega tech companies and startups, the emergence of the smart ring industry has been prolonged. It is also interesting to note that smart rings have been around us for nearly a decade. However, the uncovering of Apple’s smart ring patent and the inception of Amazon Echo Loop will incessantly spur the progress of the IoT & wearable industry to greater heights. 


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Functionalities and Features of Smart Rings


  • Sleep Monitoring


Sleep monitoring smart rings are used for keeping a close tap on sleep patterns and cycles including how many hours of sleep you get, how much time is spent on different sleep cycles, as well as tracking sleep disturbances. This enables IoT-based smart rings to come up with recommendations and helps users to regulate their bodies and sleep cycles in accordance with their personal circadian rhythms. 


Smart rings are typically popular choices for sleep monitoring mainly because they are less cumbersome and restrictive as compared to other wearable devices with the capability to track sleep cycles such as wrist-worn fitness bands and smartwatches. Moreover, there are quite a few players in the market of smart rings such as Oura, THIM, Motiv, and GO2SLEEP.


  • Fitness Tracker


Fitness tracking is one of the most common functionalities of wearable smart gadgets. People prefer wearing different accessories like bracelets, wristbands, watches, and so on that have IoT wearable fitness trackers, enabling them to track their health as well as other activities. 


The bright side is that IoT embedded smart rings can work as a substitute for fitness trackers. Smart rings can track respiration rate, blood oxygen, heart rate, and track exercises such as swimming, running, and so on. Smart rings are offering liberty to the users to ditch the wrist fitness trackers whilst keeping a tap on their fitness and health. 


  • Smart Transactions With Contactless Payments


In the post-COVID-19 world, contactless payments have been both a necessity and a boon. Even though we have transitioned from physical money to digital payments and contactless transactions, we still need smartphones or a card with us in order to make payments. 


Smart rings are proving to be the most sought-after option to go shopping empty-handed, enabling people to have more space and convenience. They can be connected with bank accounts just like linking your cards and phones. 


With just a single click on the smart ring, you can carry out the transactions. Smart wearable rings can be linked to iOS and Android IoT apps and also to your debit or credit card. These devices can also allow users to select contactless payments at POS terminals, furnishing money at your fingertips.


  • Remote Control


Have you ever forgotten to lock your door or lost your keys? Many people have faced similar situations in their lives at least once and IoT-enabled wearable devices are the viable solutions to such problems. Just as smart home automation, smart rings allow people to be worry-free from situations like these. When integrated with smart locks, smart rings can automatically lock or unlock the doors once the user touches the door lock or door handle. 


  • Smart Communication


Using bone conduction technology, smart rings can allow people to have communication by just placing their fingers to their ears, enabling them to hear their calls. While this feature is something that we have already witnessed in smartwatches, however, it just makes more sense and offers more convenience as a smart ring. Along with this, smart rings can be also used for voice assistance, allowing users to hear important notifications as well as text messages. Needless to say, in the future, smart rings will act as a potential replacement for smartphones, while at the same time, they will reflect the same experience just as we used to have with pagers.


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Summing Up


Smart rings are steadily becoming mainstream and they are undoubtedly here to stay and rule the wearable industry in the years to come. While some new wearable device categories might show up, make big noises, and then fade away, the reign of smart rings surely looks bright and concrete. 


If you are looking to build wearable applications or software for IoT-enabled devices, feel free to get in touch with our team. At Oodles Technologies, we have a team of smart device app developers who can help in architecting featuring-rich applications for wearable gadgets like smartwatches, VR headsets, smart rings, smart glasses, and so on. For more information, request a free demo.


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