Scaling Your Business In 2023 With Micro SaaS: Tips And Trends

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 30-Jan-2023

How Micro SaaS Can Be Beneficial For Your Business?


In the constantly evolving SaaS market, new Software as a Service business models are incessantly being formulated globally to gain a strong foothold in the fierce business-scaling competition. The industry has already witnessed ‘SaaS unbundling’, where a core service is furnished as a small set of tools or an independent API. With the intensification of the latest enterprise entrants, ideas, and innovations, micro SaaS has steadily started to bloom and make its way into the futuristic, technological landscape. 


In essence, Micro SaaS is mainly additional extensions, add-ons, or accessories embedded in existing stages or advancements – made to upgrade current SaaS development solutions or inculcate missing tech elements. Surprisingly, it is not a new term and it is equally astounding to see the lack of information on this topic. However, with the establishment and progression of SaaS development solutions, micro SaaS has also started to gain traction.


This blog will shed some light on the ever-increasing trend of building ‘micro SaaS businesses’. We will also elucidate the benefits of leveraging it for architecting and scaling your business. So, let’s get started.

Micro SaaS

What is Micro-SaaS?


As the name suggests, the word Micro SaaS virtually refers to small, pocket-sized SaaS that is focused on particular business needs. It targets a niche market segment and leverages minimal resources while solving a problem. For instance, in the eCommerce sector, a micro SaaS can focus on Magento’s eCommerce stores.


The term was coined decades ago, however, recently Tyler Tringas of Storemapper defined it at a broader level. Micro SaaS is typically run by a small team or even a group of two or three people. And since it is targeting a significantly smaller segment, the resources utilized in developing and running it are also substantially low.


Moreover, they are low-risk, high margins, and location-independent for a company. The main intent behind the inception of the term micro SaaS is to solve challenges and technical problems using minimal resources. 


Types Of Micro SaaS


  1. Platform Dependent


These are built on pre-existing platforms where the risks are typically concentrated on preferred systems such as Salesforce, Shopify, Direct Memo, Chimpcharge, and more.


  1. Platform Independent


Standalone software system falls under the category of platform-independent micro SaaS model. These include your mobile applications, websites, or even desktop apps such as Headline, Simple Analytics, Placid, etc.


  1. Platform Integrated


Platform-integrated micro SaaS functions with multiple platforms so that they can be seamlessly accessed across different systems and frameworks. Moreover, they are integrated with API protocols in order to create an efficient and better workflow. Subsequently, this reduces the platform risks. Examples include Mailbrew, LiveRecover, etc.


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Some Prominent Ideas For Building Your Micro SaaS Business


According to the propositions shared by SaaStitue, here are a few suggestions for developing your business with the help of Micro SaaS.


  1. Billing & Invoicing


A software to create customizable invoices that can be auto-sent to the customers. It can also be used to notify about any failed payments – making the entire process seamless and hassle-free.


  1. Email Management


A software to manage your inbox or to create a basic email follow-up sequence for better management and visibility.


  1. Training


A dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) to create a library of assigned courses as well as track progress. It can be used to keep a track of tasks that need to be completed and managed effectively.


  1. Workforce Management


End-to-end software that helps to plan, track, and manage the workforce in an organization. 


  1. Journaling


Journaling software development to make your entries simpler and easier. It can be built to keep a track of tasks that have to be finished and managed with utmost efficiency. 


How Is It Different From SaaS?


To an extent, micro SaaS is not entirely different from SaaS, instead, it leverages the same philosophy of constructing a recurring revenue stream but only at a relatively low cost and smaller scale. While other bigger SaaS-enabled organizations solve a multitude of problems and challenges, micro SaaS focuses on just one or maybe a small or particular set of issues for a predefined group. 


For instance, micro SaaS is actively and typically used for attending to customer demands in a better way.


Moreover, a common thing that you will notice in a majority of micro SaaS companies is that don’t depend on external funding and are usually bootstrapped as opposed to conventional SaaS companies. 


On the other hand, SaaS requires bigger teams and huge external funding in order to keep them running whereas micro SaaS can be operated by just a single person. Therefore, when downsizing a familiar SaaS model to a micro SaaS, you would ultimately end up removing a lot of your responsibilities and pain points of running a successful startup. 


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