Scale Up Your Business Processes With IoT Applications

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 13-Jul-2021


Scale Up Your Business Processes With IoT Applications


To thrive and stay ahead in the existing cutthroat technology competition, every business nowadays is fighting for improving and enhancing their operations and performance. Companies are in a constant hunt for ways to overreach their business objectives and achieve better results. 

The tech field provides a plethora of opportunities and innovative solutions that enhance and scale up business productivity and performance. Implementation of the Internet of Things or IoT is one crucial example of next-gen technology that helps in transforming how enterprises approach the process of data gathering, automation, and workflow monitoring. 

In this article, we have highlighted some of the crucial factors about IoT for business including its benefits and how it can further empower your business. But first, let’s understand what IoT is all about.

IoT App Development
Internet of Things (IoT)

The general motive behind the IoT is to build a seamless and well-connected network of devices that can efficiently communicate via the internet. The IoT-enabled devices gather and exchange data, optimizing the architecture expenses. The technology also makes it possible to integrate complex algorithms to lessen the routine workload. 

Moreover, small, medium, and large-scale businesses are further trying to bring intuitive IoT ideas to life and it is no surprise to know that they are succeeding in their aspirations. Reports suggest that IoT is expected to garner more than $14.4 trillion of value by 2030. In comparison to multiple market niches, IoT integration is well-appreciated and is already paying off tremendously well.

IoT-Enabled Devices

The Internet of Things is transfiguring the interaction between customers, products, and techniques. When you integrate IoT apps in business processes, you can gather information through multiple channels & devices and monitor any aspect of your service or manufacturing offering while considering utmost privacy and security.

From this perspective, one of the prominent attributes of IoT in business is an extensive variety of industries and devices where it can be implemented. Here are a few examples:

  • Connected cameras to ensure safety and security of warehouses or workspaces
  • Shipping trackers to seamlessly monitor your shipments and inventory in transit
  • Humidity and heat sensors to track the vital indicators of greenhouses or plants

IoT Business Trends

The Internet of Things has infiltrated multiple sectors including manufacturing, retail, medicine, automobile, and more. Business opportunities in coherence with IoT are steadily widening as more and more enterprises are jumping on the bandwagon. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, when companies are experiencing a strong need for automation and reducing human involvement in processes wherever possible, the popularity of IoT has drastically surged. Here are some of the current IoT trends that are prevailing in the business segment.

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  • Hyper-Automation

Automation is not a new concept, especially for industrial and manufacturing organizations. However, it does not offer global connectivity between the entire company, instead just between the individual departments. 

On the other hand, hyper-automation overcomes this challenge and makes an end-to-end system that synchronizes every department of the company. IoT plays an important role in this process. Connected sensors are devised to accumulate valuable data about the operations and assets. Hyper-automation also enables your employees as technologies take over the charge of routine tasks. 

  • Integration With Other Services

As we have already discussed, IoT is conventionally used to gather data. While other technologies such as AI or ML inculcates this information to solve business problems. IoT and AI integration are some of the most popular combinations. IoT offers data, AI analyzes it and makes balanced modifications to the maintenance of your techniques and hardware. 

  • Security

The protection of IoT-enabled devices from cyberattacks is critical, and therefore, it needs effective and robust protocols. Developers pay immense attention to IoT security using crypto algorithms, two-factor authentication, and other means of online security.

Why Choose Oodles Technologies For IoT App Development?

Whether you own a budding startup or an established enterprise, it is crucial to employ the Internet of Things to streamline your business models and revenue streams. IoT has become the most sought-after trend in automation and device connectivity. With it, any enterprise in any industry may boost their productivity and results and scale down human resources and operation costs. All of this is easily achievable through custom IoT application development services. At Oodles Technologies, our team helps you build, manage, and launch IoT solutions efficiently, safely, quickly, at scale. To discuss your requirements, connect with our experts.


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