Prioritizing Metaverse Development Services With Responsible AI

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 11-Mar-2022


Metaverse And Responsible AI


Artificial Intelligence applications are incessantly shaping many industries and sectors. Metaverse has become one of the latest additions to the existing tech implementations that is being actively fuelled by diverse technologies including AI. 


According to a recent report shared by Bloomberg, the metaverse is a massive $8 billion market. However, there still exists a certain gap regarding what metaverse actually is, but with so much money and investments involved in metaverse development and innovations, it has got everyone talking about its concept and use cases.


In this blog, we will discuss the requisites and implications of fusing responsible AI within the borderless metaverse and why it should be the utmost priority to realize digital transformation.

Responsible AI and Metaverse

Responsible AI in Metaverse


Undoubtedly, AI will play a pivotal role in constructing an expansive, collaborative, smart, and futuristic metaverse. Responsible AI integration in the metaverse will drive all seven layers of the metaverse: offering scaffolding to creators, powering spatial computing, and providing sophisticated and new forms of storytelling. In the not-too-distant future, specialized AI applications will become more and more useful whilst improving our economy as well as the quality of life. 


If we consider other technologies, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in combination with Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain solutions will create accurate and scalable virtual worlds. 


Moreover, if we consider the existing scenario, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) is gearing up for its work in artificial intelligence and responsible AI in the metaverse. The company’s AI research focuses on segments such as robotic interactions, self-supervised speech processing, computer vision, content analysis, whole-body pose estimation, and so much more. When artificial intelligence solutions power language and virtual reality, there is a slight possibility that users may miss the feel of human touch and emotions. Hence, it is extremely crucial that AI researchers develop responsible artificial intelligence in the metaverse to secure and safeguard the future. 


Implications of AI in the metaverse


Since AI algorithms are constructed by people with biases, they can preeminently be devised to follow the biases and thought patterns of their creators – which can then eventually multiply. We have witnessed how artificial intelligence can generate gender bias, for instance, how AI can furnish larger credit card limits to women as compared to men, or that certain ethnicities are much more likely to be prone to unfair basis. 


In order to build an equitable and flourishing metaverse, dark AI patterns that can develop and perpetuate bias absolutely need to be addressed. However, who gets to decide and how can humans circumvent bias?


Well, the solution to alleviate this “unchecked AI” is to build ethical standards and guidelines across all organizations. From our point of view, dark AI patterns can significantly be invasive. Most AI implementation solutions are developed without ethical oversight, and we believe that this must change in the metaverse. 


Implementing Responsible Artificial Intelligence To Translate Messages in The Metaverse


The prospect of everyone becoming polyglots, that are able to speak multiple languages, can be used to connect people globally, it is essential to understand how that will work with AI in the metaverse. 


With potential AI-based language translators in the metaverse, many users and participants will likely communicate in their own languages. Language technology backed by AI can also perpetuate bias in events where we are not careful. Therefore, we need to ensure that language AI is trained, devised, and developed to be ethical as well.


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Bridging The Gap Between Human and Machine in the Metaverse


In the metaverse, how “human” we are while socializing and collaborating within the virtual spaces will matter the most. Businesses and global organizations can leverage language technology to swiftly translate interactions into several tongues, which can enable them to create online communities, trust, transparency, and inclusion.


In an ideal virtual world, the responsible AI for language will erase the lines of human touch deficiency, thus promoting empathy and values needed to accurately represent human behavior, actions, and patterns. All in all, it will help metaverse in becoming an immersive space where technology and human can flourish and thrive together.


AI Use Cases in The Metaverse


Below are some of the prominent use cases of artificial intelligence services in the metaverse. 


Holding Everything Together


From fashion brands to tech giants, everyone is eyeing metaverse implementation to augment their brand value and achieve results in the highly competitive landscape. AI can be used to scan and process information in real-time within the metaverse. The enormous amount of data generated each second by users and companies can be leveraged by AI to make other use cases possible, thereby, helping in holding everything together.


Making Virtual 3D Avatars


In the metaverse, users can participate, collaborate, and communicate with each other as virtual avatars. In such digital environments, it will be useful and necessary to be present not only with real identification but also with an avatar that looks as much like them as possible. AI can help here with models and algorithms that analyze user photos and recreate a 3D digital avatar in likeness. 


Constructing Virtual Environments


Using computer software, hardware, and virtual reality technologies, virtual environments can be dynamically replicated such as for digital simulations, virtual training, and real-time meetings. AI algorithms can be implemented in accordance with other segments such as Industry 4.0, IoT, and more in the metaverse.


Social Collaborations and Interactions


With the use of responsible AI, users will be able to interact and communicate within the metaverse freely. AI can break down natural barriers and languages, thereby transforming them into formats that are machine-readable. 


Summing Up


While artificial intelligence services power chatbots, NLP, or brand’s virtual assistants, there are numerous opportunities that it can present in metaverse innovations. It is of utmost priority that businesses, experts, and brands work together to furnish groundbreaking solutions in accordance with responsible AI frameworks so that we can co-exist in the metaverse peacefully.


If you are looking for metaverse development services, request a free quote. Our experts will help you navigate through complex ideas and business vision and translate them into tangible results. 


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