Intelligent Video Analytics Technology and the Internet of Things

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 02-Mar-2022


Implications of IoT and AI in Video Analytics Services


Intelligent Video Analytics or IVA is basically the use of specialized computer software and hardware to analyze videos for a myriad of purposes. It includes facial recognition, object recognition, motion tracking, and even smoke and flame detection. While this technology has been present in the market for the past several years, it has come into prominence in recent times because of several technological factors such as markedly enhanced low-power processing technology, higher resolutions, and the rise of the Internet of Things or IoT.


The Internet of Things refers to the ever-increasing pervasiveness of smart devices that can seamlessly connect with the internet. The IoT app development services and patterns are bringing about a slew of devices in the market that perform edge analytics & functions and are connected wirelessly to a centralized control point via IoT gateways. Moreover, this technology enables markedly improved convenience and efficiency in every segment of domestic and business lives. Whether it is performing predictive maintenance on an elevator, managing the process in the factory, or controlling equipment and devices in your home, IoT is essentially everywhere. 

IoT and Intelligent Video Analytics Services

Harness The Predictive Power With Intelligent Video Analytics


In the present scenario, the power of AI-backed predictive and video analytics has opened new doors of possibilities with the emergence of IoT. The ability to analyze and observe human behaviors and past events has enabled us to proactively anticipate scenarios, respond to unfolding events, and prepare adequate responses. This makes it feasible to bring in robust solutions across multiple segments – from smart city management to leads translating into sales for business along with other aspects.


Our world, especially the public spaces, urban areas, and workplaces is increasingly becoming monitored, thanks to CCTV surveillance systems. Initially perceived as a strong measure to document the ongoing activities and events in a space under secure observation, CCTVs are now being integrated with artificial intelligence, analytics, and IoT to make them more efficient, impactful, and beneficial. In the normal process of operations, CCTV camera systems usually relay visual information to the control rooms where they may or may not be stored on a hard disk. 


However, intelligent video analytics systems equipped with the prowess of AI not only display the visuals but can also identify objects, patterns, and outcomes via multiple AI-defined parameters. To define and understand patterns and trends that lead to particular outcomes, it can morph raw video data into actionable and segregated inputs which are then leveraged by predictive analytics technologies.


Therefore, with the help of contextual video feed analytics, it serves as a platform that assists organizations to use historical data with an aim to predict future events. Subsequently, these institutions can plan their actions as well as proactively mitigate unforeseen outcomes or incidents.


Predictive analytics platforms powered by video-AI can augment safety and security measures and also provide CCTVs with the ability to do things that are outside the scope and purview of surveillance and monitoring. As an integrated platform, they can act as smart sensors that furnish data on conditions or actions of people and objects within a specific area observed by them. Such data-driven services add value to customer satisfaction, organizational efficiency, or garner revenue based on the use cases.


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Some of The Practical Use Cases of Intelligent Video Analytics Technology and IoT


Improving Vigilance For Governments


Video analytics, AI, and IoT technologies can be used in combination by city administrations to automate traffic monitoring and get help with diverse tasks and real-life scenarios. It includes events such as redirecting traffic, identifying vehicles, detecting stolen vehicles, forecasting traffic volume, managing parking lots, and identifying public utility spaces. Governments can also use intelligent video analytics to monitor crowds for compliance with the existing COVID-19 guidelines. If there is any large number of gathering of people, the system can alert the authorities. 


Lowering Manual Effort For Utility Providers


Deep neural network algorithms and advanced video processing can detect leaks and anomalies in pipes, amplifying the efficiency and effectiveness of condition assessments by minimizing the dependency on manual assessments. 


Ensuring Staff and Patient Safety in Healthcare


Intelligent video analytics in combination with IoT devices can be used in the healthcare industry. It can help with tasks such as tracking patient inflow, monitoring emergency cases, and managing wait time in real-time. They are also used off-site on home care programs to monitor patients, which has proven to be immensely useful to the COVID-19 pandemic. Edge-based multi-spectral cameras have further made contactless diagnostics possible, thereby safeguarding the healthcare professionals, staff, and others around.


Achieving Operational Excellence in Manufacturing


Product-tracing coupled with intelligent video analytics offers insights on manufacturing processes, thereby preventing bottlenecks and delays, and increasing efficiency. Every assembled product or component can be seamlessly tagged with a digital identification certificate, which communicates with IoT sensors and video feeds. Data can then be traced back to the tag and can be utilized to make required adjustments that would have otherwise led to pricey recalls. AI and deep learning algorithms can “intelligently learn” to perform tasks such as process optimization or providing anomaly alerts. Intelligent video analytics and IoT also offer floor safety by generating alerts for hazardous zones and monitoring employee movements. 


Enabling Retailers To Boost Customer Experience


AI-enabled video analytics services are useful in uncovering hidden trends. Live video feeds can be efficaciously used to furnish insights on customers’ product interests and buying patterns whilst also helping retailers to market their products in a better way such as repositioning products on shelves and introducing new layouts. Based on the actions performed by particular user segments, video analytics can be used to predict customer interest, enabling retailers to understand and predict customers’ buying behavior. Retail owners can also manage their store-level inventory in real-time on the basis of traffic inside their store, thereby leading to drive superior store management.


Unlocking Tremendous Business Value


There is absolutely no doubt that AI-powered predictive and video analytics in cahoots with IoT technology will immensely grow over the world. With competitive product offerings and increased awareness, more and more businesses, urban management institutions, government authorities, transportation organizations, and more will indubitably adopt these technologies in the coming years. Such deep-learning-powered video analytics services are accurate, reliable, secure, futuristic, and fast enough to empower businesses and industries to predict future events and respond to them with augmented effectiveness.


If you are looking for enterprise-scale video analytics solutions, AI app development services, or IoT app development solutions, feel free to request a demo. Our experts will help you in transforming your ideas into reality and enable you to deliver profound and tangible business value.


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