NFT APIs As A Service: Everything You Need To Know

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 21-Jul-2022


NFT APIs As A Service


An NFT API is a pivotal component of every NFT DApp. Whether you are seeking to create an NFT marketplace, build an NFT game, create an analytics site, wallet, or any other NFT-based DApp, you will undoubtedly need a reliable NFT API. 


While NFTs are now being openly utilized in digital as well as real-life scenarios, now is an excellent time to step inside the realm of blockchain and learn how to implement core NFT functionalities into Web 3.0 apps. 


Moreover, with the right tools, technologies, and expertise, opting for NFT APIs as a Service will incessantly prove to be extremely beneficial for users and businesses alike. In this blog, we will elucidate the benefits of NFT APIs, how they can help in saving time and resources, and how you can start architecting NFT applications with minimal effort. 

NFT API as a service

NFT APIs: A Brief Overview


NFTs have entirely metamorphosed the idea of art, collectibles, music, video, and gaming along with its access and ownership. It has not only taken art and accessories out of the four walls but has also made expensive digital tokens affordable by fractionalizing ownership rights. 


The NFT trend is swiftly gaining momentum not just for collectors and creators but also for entrepreneurs and developers. This subsequently justifies why there are more NFT applications and use cases today than ever before. Moreover, the number of users and businesses seeking to develop NFT applications such as NFT wallets, NFT games, NFT marketplaces, NFT Launchpad, and more, is also steadily increasing. 


Despite such demand and popularity of NFT applications on a global scale, NFT app development remains a bit tricky because of the monumental amount of data that they need to source in order to be fully functional. 


Right from fetching transaction history to gathering NFT ownership information, a lot of data sourcing is required to be undertaken to make NFTs more valuable to users. Explicitly browsing through individual NFT smart contracts is not just time-consuming but also labor-intensive. 


Therefore, in order to resolve this issue and make NFT development solutions a smoother and swifter process, several purpose-driven NFT APIs can be leveraged. These APIs enable developers to fetch NFT data related to assets, metadata, tokens, ownership, and more directly to the product and aid in exploring possibilities that lie veiled in the world of NFTs.


Why NFT APIs as a Service Are Gaining Steam?


Working with NFTs can often be extremely tedious because edge cases arise frequently when parsing NFT data on blockchain networks. NFT APIs eliminate all such issues and make it relatively easy to work with non-fungible tokens. Tasks such as extracting data from different smart contracts and integrating it into decentralized applications can be efficaciously performed without any additional effort.


Furthermore, with the right NFT APIs, you can access data associated with all NFTs registered on different blockchain networks. Well, not just that, you can also extract data and other information from as many different blockchains as your APIs support. NFT APIs can be leveraged to source the following information from the token’s host blockchain directly, thereby, truncating a lot of unproductive work. 


  • NFT transfer data
  • NFT Metadata
  • NFT price history
  • NFT ownership data


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Functionalities of NFT APIs


  • Searching For NFTs


NFT APIs can be made to work like NFT search engines. For instance, if you are architecting an NFT marketplace and want your users to be able to search for any particular NFT using free text, in such cases, NFT APIs prove to be extremely helpful. APIs can allow your application to return all NFTs that are related to particular keyphrases entered by the user.


  • Gathering NFTs’ Metadata


Dedicated NFT APIs can be made available that can be used to obtain NFT Metadata from any blockchain network.


  • Undertaking NFT Ownership Verification


NFT ownership information can be retrieved and verified with a few simple API calls. The following data can be easily and quickly verified:


  • The account hat holds a particular NFT
  • Off-chain data associated with it, such as images
  • The NFTs stored in any given wallet


  • Sourcing Information Related TO NFT Owners


With the usage of the right NFT API, any desired details or data regarding NFT owners can be extracted irrespective of the standard that the given NFT follows. Moreover, a single line of code can provide crucial information about the NFT, including its transfer history as well as ownership.


  • Social Media NFT Integration


Some NFT APIs rightfully serve as a ready-made service for integrating NFTs smoothly with social media platforms. These ready-to-use NFT APIs enable social meda companies to furnish hassle-free and great user experiences.


  • Accessing NFT Analytics


The capability to extract core analytics related to NFTs is vital for any organization that deals with NFTs. With NFT APIs that are specifically architected for analytics, you can retrieve key NFT data as well as gain valuable insights into your preferred blockchain.


  • NFT Provenance-Based Audit


NFT APIs can be seamlessly used to easily and quickly trace the entire ownership history of any particular non-fungible token.


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