Leveraging Blockchain Technology In the Education Sector

Posted By : Anmol Kalra | 16-Nov-2021


The field of education is at a central focus in most of the world’s developed countries. This is mainly because the future of other vital areas, including science, medicine, agriculture, industry, and almost all others, depends on the country’s education levels.


Despite the remarkable developments in robotics, and Internet, and IT technologies, human resources are still the most precious resource to almost any business. Contrary to popular opinion, advanced technologies help improve the sphere of personnel training and solve many problems.


Blockchain Technology is a network or arrangement of multiple distributed ledgers,  where information is stored in groups, known as Blocks in the form of small cryptographic hashes. This cryptographic hash function can convert the transmission of any variable size into a unique fixed-length alphanumeric string. One of the most essential functions is that no two different information pieces can ever have the same cryptographic hash. 

Blockchain in education

Blockchain development service is said to be one of the fastest-growing technologies in the modern-day industry. It's primarily famous as the foundation technology behind cryptocurrency, today its use cases expand beyond the banking and finance industry. In this article, we will discuss the importance of blockchain technology applications in the education sector.


 Applying blockchain in education?


To understand how education can be benefited from blockchain, it is necessary to consider the main advantages of the technology. These are as following:

• Decentralized storage of data.

• Absence of intermediaries and controlling authorities.

• Availability of information in the system.

• Possibility to automate and accelerate various data transfers (for example, using smart contracts).


Blockchain development can radically change the control over educational processes and the distribution of finance in the education sector. Today data on students, teachers, and the distribution of investments in education are controlled by such institutions as schools and universities. With the help of blockchain i.e this distributed ledger technology, the information will become more accessible, and it will become much easier for teachers and students to communicate with each other.


Thus, using this technology, students will be able to choose a training course offered in the system without the university or any other authority as the intermediary. At the same time, students will quickly get access to knowledge, reducing the excess workload.


One of the most prominent use cases of the entries in the blockchain is that all the links connected with it can be verified with a single mouse click. This significantly reduces the workload of both students, who would end the inconvenience of making paper copies of certificates or procedures to request a course in educational institutions, and they can instantly verify individual or organizational credentials. Also, leveraging smart contracts play a vital role in security.


Source: matla.bc.events

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Here are some applications of blockchain development services in the Education sector.


1. Diplomas and certificates: The students' academic record, which contains notes, diplomas, and titles obtained, is protected. This information available in the chain of blocks is out of danger, even if the institution or university loses these files. It also allows security to be reinforced so that the diplomas are not modified. Another option is the delivery of certifications to respected students through the blockchain.


2. Security for the archives: In this era of virtual education, sometimes the theft is presented by those people who try to introduce a new set of documents. Also, with this, the documents or files prepared by students and institutions will be safe from the forgery of digital signatures with this technology. 


3. Reliable transactions: It is convenient to manage economic transactions with online institutions or study centers with the blockchain. Also, verifying the credibility of online institutions, avoiding “falling into the trap” of these fraudulent networks.

The future is bright for the blockchain and it is set to reduce bureaucracy, saving a lot of paper trail. There is a major need to verify the authenticity of the diploma and professional certificates in the education sector. The traditional way to do all this stuff will disappear using this ledger technology. Blockchain development service will also help to monitor plagiarism and address numerous intellectual property issues. 

Another incentive to blockchain development services in the education industry is the growing popularity of online courses. Oodles Technologies offers an end-to-end online video conference service that enables you to connect with your dream institutions and lectures. Bringing them way closer to the implementation of blockchain. Feel free to connect with our experts.


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