Information About MarkDown Language

Posted By : Deepak Gupta | 23-May-2014

Information About MarkDown Language

Hi guys , here I am going to share knowledge about Markdown language with an example

Mark Down:- Markdown language is a formatted plain text that can be easily converted into HTML formated by using the tool .Generally Mardown text uses in Readme fike for formating text ,online discussion forums and also in text editor etc.

Mardown is invented by John Gruber with Aron Swartz for easy to read and write purpose It is invented in year 2004 on 25 march .The extension of md file is .md and .markdown And latest release is 1.0.1 / December 17, 2004; 9 year

Sites Such as Git hub ,stack over flow,source forge etc using MrakDown for discussion


Some example for mardown language

1. Itallic:- To make italic word use _ word around the text like this (_itallic_). It will print italic 2. header:- To make header text just put # symbol before the text like this #header it will print header use no of # for different header tag 3. link use link text in square bracket and for url write in paranthesis [deepak]( deepak 4. Block quotes Use ‘>’ for blockquotes text >deepak it will print like this Deepak 4. List use * before the text

* Flour 
* Cheese 
* Tomatoes

show . Flour . Cheese . Tomatoes 5. bold for bold use two astrisk before the text ** (**really!**).


If we are talking about markdown It have two meaning 1. plain text formatting language 2. a software written in perl language Reason for using markdown language You can directly post your blog in desired format by usinf it You can use html element in markdown file also You dont have to install markdown for using in your sites. It is embed in browser just as HTML tag without having deal with MicroSoft

Thanks Deepak Gupta.

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