Implementing AR and VR in E Learning

Posted By : Anmol Kalra | 19-Oct-2021


It’d be fair to say that teaching is based on presenting the students with facts. This means, a successful student tends to retain facts easily, while a student who struggles to process large amounts of information at once can quickly become disengaged or uninterested in the topic.

This fact check arguably applies to all types of learners, whether they are in a school setting, on a workplace training course, or whether you see it in your lifelong learning. 

Over the past years, both Augmented reality and Virtual reality have made some giant leaps with technology development. One such field where Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) continue to create significant strides is -e-learning.


AR VR services for e-learning

According to the annual AR-VR Global investment report, the increasing investment in AR and VR indicates significant potential for future growth in the e-learning industry. Goldman Sachs estimates $700 million will be invested in AR/VR education applications by 2025.


Learn Anywhere, Anytime With VR

To meet the growing demands of learning and gaining knowledge on the go, VR (Virtual Reality) learning has quickly become part of the mainstream learning strategies – for several reasons.

  • It helps create a more engaging learning experience.
  • It promotes collaborative learning
  • Users/Students can make mistakes (without consequences) and learn from them
  • It reduces training costs
  • It helps speed up the learning process 


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Here are some ways in which VR and AR could transform education.

1. Help Create a more immersive experience for children. 

Imagine studying about the past events with actually being there.

The VR experience helps recreate the historical event, using a fusion of VR simulations and actual archive recordings from the past events. The imagination with which students think and recreate the circumstances can change drastically. What a fantastic way to make historical events more accessible and bring history to life.


2. Transforming hands-on learning

Have you ever dissect a frog or have to imagine learning the diagram of a cell inside the peel of onion in high school? I did, and I was not too fond of it. Imagine being able to look inside the living body without putting a knife on it. 

AR can replace this gruesome experience. 

Various applications have inbuilt internal organs, which let students study the internal organs of an organism.   

One such app is Froggipedia. It is an AR app that lets students study the internal organs of a frog. Students can either study frog organs or poke around the complex internal structure of frogs’ organ systems without harming the organism, using the dissection option in the app. It also enables the students to see the incredible transformation that frogs go through, from egg to tadpole, then from tiny froglet to a fully formed frog.


3. Enhancing workplace training

In the future, we believe most of the workplace training will be enhanced with VR and AR. 

VR can be beneficial when it comes to simulating dangerous situations or scenarios that are challenging to recreate in real life. Pilots are being trained in VR cockpits before actually going on the runway. The VR technology also immerses firefighters in actual-looking virtual scenarios that are just too dangerous or difficult to recreate in the real world – including wildfires. 


There are various other industrial training examples and models which would enable them to get hands-on experience before setting to the actual situation.

Whatever you desire to learn in your everyday life, AR/VR could improve your learning experience. It is the technology of future learning.

Whether you want to master the art of facing a large audience, learning something that the textbooks or the internet can't make you understand, or simply if you want to get over your fears, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is there to anchor you. Today, even various corporations and firms are using the tool to train their teams and employees.

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Designing the incredible with Oodles Technologies

Most businesses have real-world learning synopses that can’t be taught in the real world without unacceptable risks or restrictive costs. 


Oodles Technologies fragment these limitations by providing resilient AR/VR app solutions to boost brand engagement with immersive user experiences. 


  •  Demonstrate 
  • Visualize
  •  Practice & Collaborate.

We empower you to change traditional learning by designing custom VR for the advanced learning process.

You have to actually see & feel Virtual Reality to believe in it. 

Schedule your demo and drop us a line today.


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