Cloud VR: The Next Level Cloud Based Virtual Reality Solutions

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 13-Aug-2021


Cloud VR: The Next Level Cloud-Based Virtual Reality Solutions


Traditional virtual reality models often require high-performance computers and other powerful devices to offer an intuitive and seamless user experience. However, what if there was a route to work with VR content from any device and from any place in the world? This is what virtual reality cloud, also referred to as Cloud VR, promises to VR users. With the advent of the 5G network and other network upgrades, this phase of virtual reality solution might be a lot sooner than we thought. 

But what exactly does Cloud VR mean and how will it assist businesses? In this article, we will give detailed insights into the future of cloud computing and virtual reality technologies, and how will it differ from the existing immersive virtual reality experience?

Cloud VR app development services
What is Cloud VR?

Virtual reality cloud is the amalgamation of cloud infrastructure and VR content. It denotes that certain segments of computation tasks can be remotely executed on robust and powerful hardware. Essentially, the core elements that are involved include: 

  • An operator of cloud infrastructure such as Azure or AWS
  • Telcos for data transfer, and
  • Communication protocol like NVIDIA’S Cloud XR

The overall objective of VR cloud computing solutions is to reduce the costs of the fully immersive experience by truncating the needs of high-end local hardware. 

Until recent times, the adoption of Cloud VR was in its infancy and nascent stage. Without a doubt, the quality of cloud VR experiences pivots on the network's capabilities to transmit, produce, and render the interaction of users on 3D models with nearly imperceptible time gates. With the multiplication of server farms and the deployment of 5G, negligible latency with smooth cloud virtual reality experience is within reach at most regions across the globe.

Business Opportunities Offered By Virtual Reality Cloud

As the AR VR app development services market shifts toward an omnipresent compute environment (through cloud AR/VR and the 5G network), there are a plethora of opportunities that businesses should be gearing up for. Some of them are mentioned as follows:

Sharing the design of future facilities or products

When you are a part of a large-scale enterprise or agency with multiple regional offices, it can be daunting to stay fully connected. Such organizations have more contact and touchpoints with end customers, and it is viable to include them in the product conception process. 

On the other hand, when setting up or trying to reorganize a facility, being able to visualize the upcoming building in its projected environment at every step of the process is indubitably a key advantage. 

Both these use cases rely heavily on sharing design steps between future regional offices and headquarters and VR simulation. With Cloud VR, you can amplify and enhance the virtual prototype of the facility design at a 1:1 scale while sharing a similar virtual world with coworkers in some other location, or even some other country. 

Participating in design reviews and visualizing VR projects

A virtual workstation is a user device setup such as an office computer connected via Virtual Machines that host desktop software and applications. With VR cloud computing services, all the data along with 3D visualization software is positioned and saved on a remote collaborative platform that is located on the cloud. As users will be able to interact and share the CAD models in VR, they will be able to make effective project reviews only by interconnecting their computer system to the cloud. 

Shifting to cloud computing environments presents many opportunities and benefits to engineering and development teams especially in terms of increased storage capacity & space and computing power.

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Reviewing integration of supplied module in products

Mostly for large buildings or large-scale products, not all of the parts that comprise the final product are produced or engineered by the same company. As the product advances in the development stage and various parts are assembled, it ultimately becomes exceedingly crucial to keep track of the different product modules. 

Also, not all the engineers are using the same CAD interface or application to devise their 3D models, or are even equipped with the same hardware. Therefore, having every step and all the processes virtualized on a cloud-based platform will make the reviewing approach of supplied model integration a lot more easier. Customers and suppliers will be able to collaborate in a seamless and better way without necessitating all the participants of the VR collaboration session to have specialized CAD software or high-end VR devices.

Building VR Cloud Platform With Oodles Technologies

At Oodles Technologies, we combine business acumen with our technical expertise to provide future-focused and next-gen solutions. With the synergy of AR/VR app development solutions and cloud computing capabilities, our team is capable of creating robust VR cloud platforms for varied business needs. 

With it, you can experience an intuitive and interactive cloud-enabled platform that streams your VR content with ultra-low latency. Moreover, your end-users can interact with the virtual objects while wearing any wireless VR headset such as Quest, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and more (even a smartphone).

We empower and enable your organization & team to get faster as well as more productive. If you are looking for end-to-end AR VR app development services, cloud app development solutions, or hybrid mobile app development, feel free to drop us a line. Our experts will get back to you within 24 hours. 


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