How Can Hospitality Businesses Leverage The Potential Of The Metaverse

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 30-Dec-2022

Here's How Metaverse Development Services Can Be Beneficial For Hospitality Businesses


The metaverse needs no introduction. While it has already disrupted many businesses across diverse industries, its potential remains boundless and yet to be fully realized. Beyond the social aspect of this intuitively conceived physical world, the metaverse depicts immense potential for businesses, enabling them to overcome physical barriers while constructing a space for meaningful interactions, immersiveness, and brand awareness. 


Moreover, this ultra-real 3D realm has given companies the freedom to think beyond conventional operations and work with digital innovations that marry our reality with the virtual one. In this context, the hospitality industry – in particular – has started to witness a multitude of benefits from the possibilities that the expansive metaverse presents.


Thanks to the ubiquity of new-age technologies such as AR/VR, blockchain, and NFTs – the frontier of hospitality is beginning to take a concrete shape in this futuristic digital landscape.


In this blog, we will elucidate the benefits of the metaverse and understand how it is affecting hospitality professionals on a global scale. In addition, we will also explore how brands and hoteliers are taking advantage of the immersive metaverse to grow and expand their businesses. So, let’s get started.

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Understanding The Role Of Metaverse Solutions In The Hospitality Industry


The advent of the metaverse has brought new challenges to hospitality businesses – virtual guests. An industry essentially based on the services as well as physical reception of guests is now being metamorphosed into an experience-based sector, and hotels must be capable of circumventing these challenges to make the overall user experience just as memorable and personalized as the physical ones. 


There are a plethora of roles the metaverse can play in hospitality, however, one thing is certain – with the advancement of next-gen technologies, hotels now have the possibility of constructing a virtual presence in the metaverse. Think of it as an immersive digital chain. You can have both virtual and physical locations – each providing equally unforgettable experiences. 


We would like to believe that the possibilities are endless. You could facilitate virtual reality tours of the existing facilities, allow potential customers to visit the hotel with a customized 3D avatar during the booking process, give access to virtual rooms to hold celebrations or meetings, and so much more. The platform provides hotels with the ability to devise new opportunities for travelers and consumers to compare products, offer digital interactions, and engage with their brands. 

How Can Hospitality Sector Reap The Benefits Of Metaverse Services


Although there are a plethora of distinct ideas and trends that how a metaverse hotel can take a concrete shape, or how neoteric technologies such as blockchain, AR/VR, and NFTs, can be used to elevate the experience of customers, here are some of the prominent examples how it can take the industry to the next level in the years to come.


  • Augmenting the hotel tour & booking processes through the metaverse


Virtual reality tours are indubitably among the most promising and emerging hotel market trends, contributing to enhancing the travel and booking processes – however, metaverse development services can take this a step further. For instance, using a digital avatar can eventually make it viable for potential customers to perform a virtual walkthrough of the metaverse hotel – a 3D replica of the real hotel – before making any decisions.


This ultimately gives them a clear picture and sense of how big each room is or what additional features they can expect in case they upgrade. It is also possible to interact with hotel employees who also position themselves within the metaverse. 


  • Furnishing digital environments for virtual events, concerts & celebrations


People often travel to hotels to attend concerts or celebrations, including birthdays, music festivals, carnivals, and more. However, this does not mean that they can not physically share their experiences with other people who do not accompany them to the location. A metaverse hotel has the power to transfigure this by enabling guests to participate in virtual events and celebrations with people who are not present there physically.


For instance, imagine a guest hosting a birthday party – where the hotel places them in the metaverse as a surprise, with their family and friends also present in the same virtual realm. 


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  • Embracing blockchain technology and other hospitality tech trends


Apart from the concept of metaverse hotels, one of the elementary and critical emerging technologies prevalent in the hospitality industry need to be aware of is blockchain technology. This all together can be used in a multitude of ways to enhance the hospitality metaverse, such as for confirming identities and making secure payments.


Moreover, it is vital for hotel owners to understand the prominent hospitality trends in the industry including recognition technology, robotics, voice search, the use of AI-enabled voice chats, and more. 


  • Implementing AR/VR & artificial intelligence in the hospitality metaverse


A fundamental aspect of the hospitality metaverse and the construction of metaverse hotels is virtual and augmented reality technology. However, this technology should also be comprehended, considered, and implemented on its own merits. Indeed, through AR/VR, it is possible to create a virtual booking process, offer hyper-realistic virtual tours, furnish virtual travel experiences, and more. 


At last, another critical technology that can be linked to the concept of the metaverse hotel is AI. Much like with augmented and virtual reality, however, this should be entirely viewed as a separate technology trend – predominantly used for data analysis and both online and in-person customer service. 


Looking For Metaverse Development Services For Your Hospitality Business?


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