Code Reusability: The New Success Formula For Software Development

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 21-Feb-2023

Everything You Need To Know About Code Reusability


Modern-day software development processes have rapidly transfigured the focus of the field – right from creating innovative software systems to finding new ways for making development techniques more efficient, productive, sustainable, faster, and smarter. 

Thanks to the unanimity of software within several fields – an aspect why many companies and teams are faced with the need to repeat various critical operations. In this case, code reusability, or the practice to reshape existing code to match new demand is precisely invaluable. 


Typically, reusable codes can solve software growth issues related to both business and technical challenges. 


In this blog, we will elucidate the benefits of implementing reusable codes for software development and explain why it is becoming increasingly popular for businesses looking to grow and scale at a faster pace. So, let’s get started. 

Code reusability

Implementing Reusable Codes In A Project


Reusing codes for software development is a great way to build and scale your project in a quick, secure, reliable, and efficient way. In an ideal environment, the software development team can access stable and trusted libraries for APIs, SDKs, frontend, and backend development. They can reuse codes from those library sources as building blocks for their applications or software systems. 


In a nutshell, you can reuse codes in situations where when it can be:


  • Easily adapted and extended to the new application.
  • Ported to different enterprise systems and hardware if required.
  • Showed to be free from problems or defects that affect the safety, reliability, and security of the new application.


Types Of Reusable Codes


Code reusability is the act of repurposing or recycling code parts to enhance existing enterprise systems or architect new software. You can basically write it once and use it multiple times, or even better in some scenarios where low-code practices can be put into practice. It is where someone else or some other development team writes the underlying code for you. Essentially, low-code solutions vehemently depend on code reuse since they furnish core functionalities and improve the code presentation to simplify user experiences. 


Moreover, reusable codes are planned. Development teams can strategically write software components with the vision to reuse and reimplement them for different projects in the future. On some occasions, developers can also use codes from previous projects that have the same operational requirements and work models. 


In a broader view, there are two types of reusable codes:


  • Internal Reuse


Internal code reusability is when code is written by a developer team or businesses internally and can be reused for other projects. 


  • External Reuse


External code reusability is when some third-party codes or tools are licensed as well as employed in a project. Oftentimes, this can be a little tricky as there are certain costs involved and it takes time to learn and implement the tool. Furthermore, it creates a solid dependency on external tools which may lead to challenges down the road.


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Benefits of Reusable Codes For Software Development


  1. Saves Time


Reusable codes amplify productivity and obliterate the need for rewriting pieces of code that are already available to use and perfectly functional. It helps developers to focus and put their attention on writing original code and creating new features that can add value and enhance the caliber of the software product. Since businesses are typically on tight schedules, it requires them to churn out applications and software at a faster pace in order to gain a competitive edge in the market. Reusable codes for similar features can also be implemented across various projects to expedite development and delivery processes.


  1. Reduced Development Risks


In software development agencies, reusable codes are always tried and tested. Since these companies have years of experience and exposure, they have fought many battles and survived. In addition to this, the developers have in-depth knowledge of technical stacks and related technologies, making the codes highly reliable and free from any probable defects. This ultimately guarantees a good user experience since the codes ideally run smoothly and are perfectly functional. 


  1. Lower Development Cost


As mentioned above, reusable codes help save a lot of time and effort, ultimately allowing businesses to save on costs as well. Moreover, by implementing pre-existing codes, organizations can minimize their expenses related to app development, eliminating the need to hire more developers and onboard additional resources.


  1. Prevents Code Bloat


In general, bloated code is considered to be resource-intensive, slow, and needlessly long. In order to prevent the formulation of code bloat or undesired functionality, it is imperative to reuse efficient and simple code – in case it is available across applications.


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