Big Data and Internet Of Things

Posted By : Anmol Kalra | 16-Nov-2021

Considering the variety of IoT systems, it can be challenging for business players to decide what they need. IoT solutions are increasing at quite an impressive pace, and these systems are designed to perform various functions.


Based on our experience in IoT development, IOT big data stands out from all. According to a recent report, the count of Internet-connected devices is projected to triple by 2025. Correspondingly, IoT is joining the line of critical big data sources. This makes data practitioners turn their attention to IoT big data.

IoT in Big Data

The (IoT) Internet of Things has changed the world by showing what an entirely interconnected world can offer us. Though IoT and Big data have evolved independently, they have become interrelated over the period of time.


Furthermore, the relation between IoT and big data has shown the union of the two technologies, aligning the technologies in the best possible way. Hence, if IoT big data combination, separately gives plenty of reasons for excitement, then combining the two technologies multiplies the anticipation.


This blog will discuss how big data and IoT go hand in hand and how organizations are obtaining benefits from using the internet of things big data together.

What are IoT and Big Data?


Before we dive deep into the topic, let’s have a brief overview of the two technologies.

What is IoT?

Internet of Things refers to a system of connected physical objects via the internet. IoT’s ‘thing’ can refer to a person or any device assigned through an IP address. A ‘thing’ collects and helps transfer the data over the internet without any manual or human intervention with the help of embedded technology. It helps to interact with the external environment or internal states to make decisions.

What is Big data?

Big data involves a large set (petabytes or gigabytes) of structured, unstructured, or semi-structured data and analyzing those data to get insights into the business trend.

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The nature of IoT big data (With a User Case)


IoT development services and big data are significantly distinct from other big data types. To form a clear picture, let's imagine a network of sensors that can continuously generate data. For example, the manufacturing sector has to record various data, such as the temperature values of a particular machinery part, lubrication, vibration, humidity, pressure, and more. IoT big data is machine-generated, not created by humans. And it mainly represents the flow of numbers, not chunks of text.


Now, imagine that each sensor produces five measurements per second and, overall, you have 1,000 sensors installed. And this high-volume data is incessantly flowing (by the way, such data has a unique name – streaming information). Pure data collection is not your ultimate goal – you need valuable insights, some of which are as close as possible to real-time. If the pressure starts suddenly plunging to the critical level, you won't be happy to know about this only in a couple of hours. By that time, your maintenance team might have already been trying to repair a broken machinery unit.


The Relation between IoT and Big Data

As per the recent study, around 4.4 trillion GB of data will be generated by the year 2025 through the (IoT) Internet of Things. This is no doubt very difficult to comprehend. However, with the growing number of connected devices, it is not surprising that by 2025, more than ten billion sensors and devices will be installed on the internet. Furthermore, all of these devices will analyze, gather, share, and transmit data in real-time. Hence, without the data, IoT devices would not hold the functionalities and capabilities which have made them achieve so much worldwide attention.


Source: Wilabs


How are Big Data and IoT Together Beneficial for Companies?

IoT big data analytics can be helpful in a variety of IoT data to –

  • Examine 
  • Find hidden correlations
  • Reveal trends 
  • Find unseen patterns 
  • Reveal new information

Hence, companies can benefit from analyzing large amounts of IoT big data and managing them to identify how they affect businesses. As a result, it assists companies, and other organizations achieve an improved understanding of data, thus making efficient and well-informed decisions. Every segment of businesses and industries can gain some benefits.


Benefits of IoT and Big Data for Companies in Various Sectors


  • Helps to increase the ROI for the Businesses 

  • It is beneficial in reshaping the future e-health system.

  • Advantages in manufacturing companies

  • IoT and big data will raise self-service analytics.


As the IoT and big data are closely linked with each other, there are several examples out there of organizational benefits to putting them to good use.



The convergence of IoT development and big data can provide new opportunities and applications in all sectors. Along with that, it has the prominent potential to revolutionize various aspects of our society. As an aspiring technology professional, if you want to dig these promising areas, then at Oodles Technologies, we leverage the facilities to gain knowledge in the latest technologies like big data and IoT. Big data consulting practice proves how important it is to consider these features before designing and developing an IoT solution. 


We are sure that your organization doesn’t want to run out of storage space or miss real-time insights because your solution does not support streaming analytics. To avoid this, it’s necessary to identify your short-term and long-term business requirements, as well as carefully choose an optimal big data architecture and IoT development service stack from multiple options.


Big data is another step to your business success. We will help you to adopt an advanced approach to big data IoT to unleash its full potential for your business. Drop us a line today.


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