Benefits Of Time Tracker Software Development In A Hybrid Work Model

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 27-Dec-2022

Implications Of Time Tracker Software Development


The unimaginable series of technological advancements and pandemic-induced lockdowns have significantly transformed the working landscape. Now, remote working has become the new normal and global companies across all industries have started to embrace such work culture with open arms.


However, while there is an increasing demand for flexible work arrangements, there is also a growing desire for in-person contact, meetings, and collaborations. Nearly a third of workers prefer working in remote environments while the rest seek on-site jobs. Based on this assessment, a hybrid workforce, which allows employees to work from home at least part of the time, has proven to be the preeminent solution. It indubitably draws upon the best of both worlds for business – remote and in-person.


Furthermore, with the ascent of hybrid models, new questions arise pertaining to managing employee tasks, attendance, project insights, and much more. And building a time tracker software to facilitate seamless workforce management can surprisingly be a good answer. 


In this blog, we will explain how hybrid work models necessitate the active implementation of time tracker applications and elucidate the benefits of building a robust, efficient, and secure employee management system for your business. So, let’s begin.

Time tracker software development

Understanding Hybrid Work Model


The hybrid work model is a careful amalgamation of remote and on-site work. The idea behind this strategic model is to allow employees to have optimum work-from-home (WFH) flexibility while providing them the option to come into the office whenever necessary. In this post-pandemic era, the hybrid approach has proven immensely successful for many companies as it enables employees to have a steady work-life balance. Moreover, it allows them to tailor their work environment in accordance with their needs and preferences, enabling organizations to save on office space costs. 


However, hybrid workforce management models are not without challenges. For instance, in such scenarios, there is often a probability of lower employee productivity and reduced collaboration. This is where efficient and well-designed employee time-tracking software comes into play. When managed seamlessly, these software systems can furnish remarkable benefits for both employees as well as organizations, leading to better work, increased productivity, and higher profitability.


Top 4 Advantages of Timetracking App Development Solutions


Now that you are familiar with what a hybrid workplace management system means, let’s take a look at the top 4 benefits of implementing a similar model in your enterprise ecosystem.


  1. Best collaboration & work relationships


Many organizations are better positioned to drive true innovation and digital transformation if their employees can, at least part of the time, collaborate through face-to-face meetings in the same space. For instance, if all the employees work from home and can only meet virtually, it can be relatively challenging for your company to innovate and thrive. 


Real in-person contact enables employees to foster deeper relationships, engagement, trust, bond, and loyalty with their colleagues – all of which lead to enhanced collaboration and productivity. At Oodles Technologies, we architect feature-rich time-tracking software that can flawlessly work for both on-site and remote work arrangements, enabling organizations to smoothly carry out their operations without any hassles or employee management stress.


  1. Increased accountability & accuracy


In a hybrid work model, some employees work remotely while others work from the office desk. For businesses, this can often create challenges in tracking their team members’ accountability & accuracy. An employee time clock app can incessantly aid in solving these problems by furnishing a centralized system for tracking truly invested employee hours.


With a robust time-tracking system in place, employees can effectively track their working hours, and subsequently, employers can verify it in real-time or offline. This can aid in lowering wasted hours and boosting efficiency in the workplace. 


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  1. Improve attendance tracking


As more and more businesses enclasp hybrid work models, the need for reliable and secure attendance tracking application development has become even more critical. It can be fairly difficult for companies with remote and on-site employees to track who is supposed to be when and where. 


Therefore, building a multi-functional work-clocking app can enable organizations to better discern which employee is working from home and which on-site. This can be an extremely valuable tool for assuring that the entire department and team members adhere to their schedule and complete their work promptly. In addition, these applications can also aid in identifying tardiness and absenteeism patterns which can altogether be addressed with appropriate measures.


  1. Offers valuable insights to managers for better decision making


The employee time tracking system helps managers to keep track of their team members by reviewing and analyzing their working hours. It helps them to better understand how long their employees spend time on various projects and tasks, enabling them to decide where to precisely allocate resources. 


A centralized, AI-powered dashboard gives managers a holistic view of their employees' working hours and overall performance. 


  1. Helps in tracking billable hours and invoicing


Tracking billable hours not only helps in ensuring that the employees are paid for each hour they work but also makes it easier for managers to track the workflow and change or allocate clients accordingly. By having the entire record of billable hours at your fingertips, you can quickly monitor which project is costing you the most and which is bringing more profits. This information enables you to make strategic decisions regarding where to focus your time for immediate growth and future planning.

Moreover, an enterprise-grade time tracker application that is designed cohesively also aids in creating accurate invoices and billing history for clients.


Looking For Employee Time Tracker App Development Solutions For Your Business?


At Oodles Technologies, we offer comprehensive ERP, CRM, HRM, and workforce management solutions to enterprises, irrespective of their size or industry verticals. As an established ERP development company, we assist businesses to manage their workflows by integrating next-gen technologies for enhanced scalability, flexibility, and security. Over the years, we have gained profound expertise in crafting future-ready and reliable workforce management solutions that drive innovation and digital transformation. With a team of seasoned in-house software developers, we construct flawless time-tracker applications that aid in tracking attendance, employee hours, performance, KPI, client invoices, and more. If you are looking for employee time-tracking solutions, feel free to get in touch with us. Our experts will get back to you within 24 hours. 


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