AWS Supply Chain: Key Takeaways For New AWS Offerings

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 05-Jan-2023

Everything You Need To Know About AWS Supply Chain


AWS Supply Chain is a new application that enables businesses to elevate their supply chain visibility by making quick & informed decisions, mitigating any probable risks, lowering operational costs, and enhancing customer experiences. It automatically combines and analyzes data across a multitude of supply chain systems using machine-learning algorithms. Subsequently, it assists businesses to observe their operations in real-time, generate more accurate supply chain demand forecasts, and find trends more quickly that ensure optimum supply chain visibility.


With this launch, AWS Supply Chain – the new ML-enabled cloud application – will make its foray into the much-anticipated industry, enabling enterprises to garner a unified view of their logistics, suppliers, and more. 


This announcement is yet another sign that Amazon Web Services is steering away from its roots and elevating the stack to emphasize more on industry-focussed applications and software systems fuelled by its highly robust and secure cloud infrastructure. 


In this blog, we have elucidated the significance of AWS Supply Chain applications as explained in the press release by Amazon Web Services and delineated why it can be an absolution solution for the supply chain management. 

AWS Supply Chain

The Implications of ERP And AWS Supply Chain Integration


The past few years witnessed tremendous upheaval in the global economy, a majority of which was contributed by the unprecedented aftereffects of the COVID-19 pandemic. There was scarcely any business or industry that was untouched by the turbulent waves of lockdowns, border closures, or stringent remote work policies. One such sector that succumbed to the repercussions was the supply chain – largely resulting in the subsequent adjustments of operational processes.


It is no wonder that supply chain management has become one of the fastest-growing segments in enterprise application software, with an estimated generated sales touching more than $20 billion in 2022 as reported by Gartner Inc. 


Furthermore, in recent times, the supply chain sector has experienced atypical supply and demand volatility accelerated by widespread geopolitics, resource shortages, and natural events. These disruptions levied pressure on businesses to plan and organize for keeping the cost low, respond quickly to changes in customer demand, and analyze potential supply chain uncertainty. 


In the wake of this, when businesses inadequately anticipate supply chain risks such as shipping port congestion, weather disruptions, unpredicted demand spikes, or component shortages – they face stockouts or excess inventory costs that lead to poor customer experiences. 


In order to gain visibility into their supply chain network, businesses must opt for custom integrations that can seamlessly process and access data across a multitude of supply chain management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. These projects initiate expensive third-party integrations, engagement, and long-term development cycles – thereby, they mostly struggle to detect patterns that uncover supply chain inefficiencies and problems as they occur. Moreover, without any real-time context, businesses heavily depend on best guesses or outdated information that inevitably make it difficult to quickly respond to unexpected and unforeseen issues. 


To solve these challenges, Amazon Web Services has introduced the AWS Supply Chain application that improves supply chain visibility and furnishes actionable insights to enable businesses in optimizing their supply chain processes and enhancing their service levels. With it, customers can easily set up a unified supply chain data lake while leveraging AWS Supply Chain’s built-in connectors. It uses pre-trained machine learning models to understand, extract, and aggregate data from supply chain and ERP management systems. 


AWS Supply Chain then comprehends and contextualizes that data in a real-time visual map while highlighting the existing inventory quantity and selection at each location. Supply chain leaders, inventory planners, and demand managers can efficaciously view these machine learning-generated insights to view any probable inventory delays or shortages, create wishlists, or receive alerts to take further actions as problems appear. 


Once a potential risk is identified, AWS Supply Chain will automatically offer recommendations and guided actions including moving inventory between locations, deciding the distance between facilities, and evaluating the sustainability impact. Businesses and team members can collaborate and solve problems using built-in messaging and chat functionality. Furthermore, with AWS Supply Chain, companies can more effectively and accurately take inventory rebalancing actions, anticipate supply chain risks, meet customer expectations, and save operational costs. 


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Where Is It Available?


According to Amazon Web Services, AWS Supply Chain is available in preview in Europe (Frankfurt), US West (Oregon), and US East (N. Virginia). It is stated that the availability of AWS Supply Chain offerings will be available in other AWS regions and parts of the world soon.


Well, as it was largely surprising, the launch of AWS Supply Chain was followed by the debut of yet another promising application known as AWS Clean Rooms – it is a collaborative analytics service that aids businesses and companies to work together in secure and combined datasets. 


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