Audio Streaming App Development: A Comprehensive Guide

Posted By : Anmol Kalra | 19-Oct-2021


Music streaming apps have been winning our ears tremendously since their inception. The rapid increase in internet penetration and surge in the active use of mobile devices has led to the development and emergence of hundreds of music applications like Apple Music, Spotify, Wink Music, Tidal, and more have put massive libraries at our fingertips, becoming fan favorites.



With easy accessibility and various features, these music apps have aced personalization technology. Cheers to the advanced Music Streaming App Development Services. The radiant technologies, robust business model, world-class features, and monetization tactics have played on their strength to give service providers a plethora of financial muscles. 



Audio/music streaming app development

Existing music streaming apps have such a huge fan base because of their investment in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The infusion of these two technologies has made music streaming apps capable of suggesting relevant tracks, artists, and albums, based on their past activities.


In this guide, we will discuss all these growth engines that will help you reach the long-term ambitions you've marked for the music industry.

Music Streaming App Market Overview


The popularity of audio streaming is surging by leaps and bounds day by day. Music streaming has become the heart and soul of the Music Industry. The reports, too, state the same.


According to a report, The audio-streaming service market size is set to grow by $ 10.01 billion during 2019-2023. Spotify alone reported a revenue surge of 16% from 2019 to 2020 alone. The constant evolution of streaming platforms and increased content on them had propelled market growth significantly. It is projected that the global revenue by 2027 will be approximately $76,9 billion.


Today, Audio or Music Streaming revenue amounts to $13.4 billion worldwide, which is an insane amount, considering in 2015, it was only $2.8 billion. According to Statista, 62% of global recorded music revenue comes from music streaming itself. Today, this is of the fastest growing industries, and it all makes sense why creating a premium Audio Streaming App may seem like a profitable venture.


Why Should You Create an Audio Streaming App?


Well, before getting to know the process to start an audio streaming app, let’s see why you should create it in the first place.


The Music Industry is one of the most swiftly and steadily developing industries in the entertainment field. With more than 14% of the population streaming music on apps several times a day, the market size is only about to expand.


Everyone can relate to music, and with the market evolving and changing so promptly, there are always niches to fill in your product.

That’s one of the many reasons to hire robust App Developers to help you advance your Music App Development Goals. Oodles Technologies, with 11+ years of experience in developing an advanced user-centric mobile application, help you translate your ideas into reality.

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Key Features of a Prominent Music App

Key features of the app depend primarily on the audience and their needs. Before beginning your music app journey, you must consider few essential features to make your app stand out.



Providing clear navigation and interface is very important in an application. User-friendly navigation allows users to search and add the track to their library or playlist without any difficulty. Also, letting people find and explore the artist by name and album title and discover music by mood and genre would attract a positive response from the crowd. It would also be an excellent idea to let users view their search history to ease the navigation process.


Login Authentication & Registration
Not only does setting up this help you build a strong community, but it also provides a highly personalized experience for all of your users. You might consider asking for age to suggest popular music among specific user categories. Otherwise, put direct questions about the user’s music preferences and taste. This will help you create personalized music, especially for them.


Social media integrations

An appealing UI/UX design and friendly social media integration module assist you with the over-annoying, tricky moment at the login/registration stage. 


Personalized Playlist 

Another exciting feature to consider while developing an audio streaming application is a personalized playlist to insert users' favorite songs. In fact, it would enable them to create various playlists for their different moods like reading, driving, working, and more. Besides, you can suggest users with new releases, fan-chart playlists, and top-chart playlists so that they can listen to them with a single click on the list.


Sharing options 

Today, almost all social media is interconnected, and data is shared and watched together on various platforms. This integration not only simplifies the authentication process but it also provides a space for building an app community through sharing songs with friends and peers. 


Push Notifications  

Possibly one of the best ways to pass on the information to your users about all the events, latest updates, and favorite artist’s releases. The user won’t be listening to your app all day. Push notifications will kindly remind them about you while delivering helpful updates alongside.


To wrap up, we would say that the idea of acquiring a music streaming application is indeed profitable. Integrating the features mentioned above into your application will not only help you unlock new revenue opportunities but also shine in the market.


Building a solid architecture for your future music/audio streaming app is essential. It allows you to generate a clear roadmap for developers and help them create a replica of an app that's in your mind.

We, Oodles Technologies, are your one-Stop Solution For End-to-end mobile app development services.

Drop a line to join our team and excel in your music development project.


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