AR App Development For Landscaping and Gardening Industry

Posted By : Anmol Kalra | 29-Oct-2021


In the past few years, technological innovations have ventured into newer phases and industries while monumentally affecting every aspect of a business. One such technology that is making headlines and gaining a lot of popularity is augmented reality. AR is a way of composing real-world objects and tools with computer-generated images or information. 


Augmented reality has been a big plug for mega companies’ applications such as Amazon and Target. Users get the ability to see commodities physically in the space before making any purchase. The technology has even spread its roots in the landscaping and gardening sector. It has proved to be an ideal solution for those who intend to start farming operations on an initial stage, such as small farmers or home gardeners. 


VR AR in agriculture Gardening


In this article, we will discuss how AR has empowered the landscaping and gardening industry in profound ways. 


How Augmented Reality Applications Are Assisting Users?


Because of the hectic schedules and busy lives of people associated with the farming or gardening segment, many of them are not able to utilize their time and invest in conventional gardening ethics. It is burdensome as several factors need to be considered in order to have fruitful gardening or lucrative farming opportunities.


With Augmented Reality (AR), users (especially beginners) capture much information and assistance related to gardening tactics via sensors and databases. AR-powered apps offer the ease and comfort of trying the items before you make any investment decisions. You can devise a tangible list of plants or herbs that you intend to buy from your local nursery. 

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AR-enabled gardening applications would help you assess and analyze the plant life balance while recommending the various elements & soil-composition details along with the benefits they provide. 


You can also append multiple botanical aspects with AR apps. It offers a seamless route to connect with various gardening and farming communities where you can seek their advice, get assistance, or some handy tips. You can also take a picture of your garden or plants and ask for suggestions related to location, airborne pollutants, pesticides, and many other things. 


AR-powered Gardening Apps Are On The Rise


Ever since the inception of augmented reality, developers have been seeking new ways to embed innovations into inventions using the capabilities that this technology has to offer. 


The significant and continual launch of AR-based applications every now and then is a testament to this fact. 


A niche that has recently grabbed the eyeballs of AR developers is gardening, or rather the landscaping industry. Many leading landscape architects, as well as maintenance service providers, have rightfully taken the technological route to entice and engage with their customers. With the neoteric AR applications, they can assist customers to visualize the services and products in realistic locations. 


Key Highlights of AR Apps in Landscaping & Gardening


  • Realistic view
  • Select the scheme and layout you want
  • Select the desired indoor or outdoor spaces
  • Enhanced view with drag and drop options for placing objects 
  • Provide cataloged products


Building AR Apps For Gardening With Us


If you are looking to build Augmented Reality applications to assist you in farming, agriculture, or gardening-related activities, we have a seasoned AR/VR app development team that can help you achieve your objectives. 

Oodles Technologies specializes in building high-quality AR SDK apps to deliver immersive user experiences. Our professionals are skilled at using future-focussed tools, frameworks, technologies, and SDKs to create interactive augmented reality apps for multiple platforms. Some of the most sought-after tech stacks we use are:


  • Apple ARKit
  • Google ARCore
  • SparkAR
  • Vuforia
  • Unity


For custom gardening AR app development solutions, we will discuss the requirements with you and integrate seamless features and capabilities that would provide comprehensive guidance for gardening and plantation. 


Our AR app development services will enable you to meaningfully engage with your profession through feature-rich web and mobile applications inculcating intuitive AR gardening and farming capabilities. 

For more information, feel free to drop us a line. Our experts will get back to you within 24 hours. 


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