An Overview of AI Enabled Conversational Chatbots

Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 07-Sep-2019

An Overview of Conversational Chatbots



Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) refers to chatbots and voice-activated assistants that activate human conversations to serve online visitors and customers with personalization. Conversational AI is powered with Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to deliver better engagement, sales, and services. Chatbot development companies program conversational AI to automate service requirements for better customer satisfaction. 


  • According to Retale’s Survey, “59 percent of U.S Millennials and 60 percent of U.S Gen X-ers have used chatbots on a messaging app” 

  • Gartner forecasts the business value created by AI will reach $3.9T in 2022. 


Facebook recently released a host of data to highlight the business value of chatbots: 


  • Over 2 billion messages are exchanged between customers and businesses every month

  • 56% of customers expect to interact with customer care executives through messages. 

  • Over 53% of people prefer shopping online only when they are able to interact with them through messages


 Customers’ Expectation from a Chatbot 


  • Receive precise answers to questions

  • Resolve complaints and problems

  • Locate a human customer service agent


The State of Chatbot’s According to Drifts Report 




The significance of chatbots is attributed to their ability to automate conversations.  Following is an overview of how chatbots are automating conversations and engaging users. 


Lark is an AI-enabled chatbot app designed to personalize your experience in weight management and training.  



The app uses wearables and smart devices data to ensure users’ do not miss out on any activity throughout the day. 



The interactive AI-enabled chatbot app presents graphical representations of data to make conversations interactive and engaging for its users’. 




Lark provides suggestions about improving health based on the data gained from the world’s leading nutritionists. It monitors user activities, lifestyle choices, food habits, meal patterns, and routines. It then suggests a comprehensive health solution and meal plans to enable users’ to stay fit even with their busy schedules. 


Benefits of AI-Enabled Chatbots  


  • Save Time and Efforts: Chatbots automate conversations to provide immediate assistance to customers, saving their time and efforts. The immediate responses provided by chatbots enhance customer satisfaction with real-time query resolution. Leading research team Gartner forecasts that Chatbots alone will handle 85% of customer queries by 2020.  

  • Responding to Queries and Organizing Tasks: AI-enabled chatbots can gather customer details, organize meetings, and schedule tasks. AI chatterbots can also assist sales teams to fulfill routine tasks by sending them information and updates about leads.

  • Streamlining the Shopping Process: When it comes to online shopping, customers' details and preferences are pre-saved in the system. Chatbots use these details to identify customer preferences. Intelligent algorithms further use the details to curate items that match customer preferences to improve sales.

  • Communicating with Personalization: AI chatbots do not need customers to fill questionnaires to resolve their queries. Chatbots can respond to specific customer queries with efficiency to elevate customer satisfaction levels.

  • Generate Leads and Revenue: AI-powered chatbot apps share direct messages with their users to initiate healthy conversations. 

  • Improving Response Rates: Customer care executives often fail to answer 90% of customer queries in real-time. AI-enabled chatbots automatically answer customer queries, keeping them engaged until human customer service agents are available. They can respond to objective queries and convert potential visitors into buyers.  

  • AI for Sales and Marketing: AI has the ability to improve advertising, sales, and marketing efforts. It enables marketers and advertisers to customize campaigns for more effectiveness



Key Business Goals Achieved by Chatbots




1. One-to-one Conversation at Scale: A customer representative can assist one person at a time, while a chatbot can interact with millions of users’ using the app’s native UX. 

2. High Engagement via Push Notifications: Businesses can send push notifications to re-engage customers and visitors after delivering a positive experience through chatbots 

3. Personalization: Businesses can tailor responses based on users’ past behavior, interests, and purchases 

4. Revenue: AI-driven chatbot apps guide potential customers through the complete sales process from awareness to purchase

5. Efficiency and Productivity: Bots enhance conversations by completing repetitive scheduling tasks or providing useful information


Businesses are taking assistance from chatbot development companies to build interactive chatbots for their business. AI app development services enable businesses to reach out to more customers and serve them better.


Are you planning to make your applications smarter? We, at Oodles Technologies, are an AI Application Development Company that develops AI-driven solutions for businesses across the globe. Our chatbot development services deliver visible results to improve your response management. Our AI team is experienced in improving the accuracy of chatbot responses and predicting sales and marketing figures. Drop us a line for more insights about our AI capabilities.

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