Why Chatbots Are Taking On Human Role For Customer Service

Posted By : Manisha Jangwal | 08-Jan-2018

  Why Chatbots Are Taking On Human Role For Customer Service


A study by 3Cinteractive, a provider of mobile marketing services shows that Chatbots are used by one out of every four customers each day on average. Chatbot development services are going to leave behind the customer service. Chabot's are a part of our customer service interaction. As a matter of fact, a recent report displayed that 40% of millennials say they interact with the chatbots on a day to day basis.


It is very likely that you would have interacted with a robot on a customer call service of a retail website. The person at the other end might be a robot. Chatbots are functioning as an extra customer service for many company sites. These robots are more in demand nowadays. By 2019, more companies are planning to adopt chatbots seeing its wide possibilities for continuous growth. A report by Grand View Research revealed that the global chatbot market is believed to touch $1.23 billion by 2025.


With the expansion of the market dealing with AI-powered devices or apps, smart devices, voice recognition advances, customers want businesses to be available to contact back anytime. They anticipate them to be aware of their likes and needs in advance and then respond all of a sudden. For this reason, Chatbots development companies are becoming popular in the market for its customer interacting service in real time.


There are numerous benefits of chatbots. You can record chats far more easily and cost-effectively than different types of dialogues which give assistance to the companies to gain valuable insights into customer behavior. 

Let’s check out the factors that lead to its growth as a customer service.


Prioritizing the user experience 

At the present time, clients don’t just expect 24/7 help, but they also look for that support to be customized to their specific needs.


Boost in Artificial Intelligence

Due to advances in AI, more intelligent AI systems are swirling in the tech market and it enables companies to do prediction about customer’s requirements. They use their order history as a base to predict about their purchase. Also, their cart will automatically fill those products that the bot will choose based on the data that tells about they browse most often. 


Low priced development costs

Chatbots have a very basic user interface. They are server-side applications. Development of chatbots is easy and these can be maintained more effectively than mobile apps. Big IT companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Google offer free development tools and frameworks which you can use to develop civilized robots at a reasonable price.  And it can be achieved by using advances in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, speech recognition, and other technologies.


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Social media has taken a back seat as compared to other apps
Most of the people’s time is occupied with messaging apps. They have become chat addicted. Most popular messaging apps are Messenger, Viber. This clearly indicates that people like to speak over spending time on social media. That is why chatbots are coming into action for voice recognition’  needs and take on humans.


Chatbots have been popular last year and will continue to take over in this year new year. Chatbots are a success because of its ability for consistent learning which allows it to leverage relevant data to truly equate with specific customers and add to the role of people.



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