How Businesses Are Being Influenced by BigData

Posted By : Kiran Bisht | 04-Nov-2015

BigData is a big help for businesses as it helps them manage chunks of confusing information. In today’s world, companies seem calm to have the liberty to gauge and track customer insight, but it’s likely that they might get stuck somewhere.


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Business owners must concentrate on particular user actions rather than complete analysis. They need to use the data not only for analysis but so many other crucial things. The first motive should be to study the behavior of customers and focus on the trends that are successful among customers. The key to successfully use BigData is to focus. Business owners must focus on 2 major areas: marketing and product development.



BigData can be used in the following ways:


Understanding marketing investments, companies may not want to invest in marketing programs. Social media and digital marketing end result is not accurate and clear. BigData can help understand the marketing performance data. It can be easily done by setting up a basic web analytics software, which will help businesses get quick insight into beneficial marketing tactics and sources of organic traffic to a website.



Google Analytics is a free software that does the job very well. It simply requires a JavaScript to execute it. They have excellent tracking strategy, businesses can use additional data sources to add the extra coating, to keep a track of costs, and online ad clicks. With the help of a marketing data warehouse, different data sources should be synthesized. The data can also be imported into an on-site server or cloud based from marketing automation tools and Google Analytics.



The thing that has a crucial role in business process today is data collection, and businesses have started to realize it. From re-marketing to customer surveys to advanced tracking, each of them has their own advantages. But the main problem arises when it leads to saturation and disorganized work. It will eventually lead to a crazy mixture of data.


If you want to overcome the tendency to gather a lot of data faster then you must start from small and then gradually increase your efforts to collect the data. When your users are divided into segments and your data is broken down into smaller time frames, it will be more useful and effectual.



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