From Wowza Media Server to Wowza Streaming Engine

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Introduction to Wowza Streaming Engine -



Wowza streaming engine is unified streaming media server developed by the Wowza Media Systems. It is used to stream live and on-demand  audios/videos and rich internet applications over to laptops, tablets , desktop computers and mobile devices, IPTV set top boxes and other devices.  It is a java application deployed on Linux, Mac OS, Unix and Windows. Wowza engine can stream to multiple types of playback clients and devices including Adobe flash player , microsoft silverlight player, apple quicktime player and iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) etc.

To achieve better performance with it Java 5 or latest JVM is recommended. It can be downloaded for evaluation or development, it is a free edition or can request for free trial which is available through the company’s website.



Streaming Engine Usage -


  1. Live web streaming of Audio/Video using RTMP and MPEG-TS encoders.

  2. On Demand video/audio streaming and simulating live streaming using playlist functionality.

  3. Online Radio re-streaming from shoutcast/icecast encoders and servers.

  4. Interactive communications ; audio/text chats.

  5. Video chat and conferences, screen sharing and online games.

  6. Wowza streaming software is used by CDN, mobile operators, multiple system operators, TV and radio broadcasters , government organizations etc.



Advantages of using Wowza Streaming Engine for Video On Demand Streaming :

  1. Robust and Scalable Media Server

  2. Customizable

  3. Flexibility and Control

  4. Engaged Viewers Experience

  5. High Performance

  6. Dedicated and Extensible software that integrates with third party solutions.

  7. Any media to many device

  8. Increased user engagement

  9. Maximized reach

  10. Uses multi threaded software that delivers live and on-demand streaming

  11. Multiple levels of content security

  12. Customer Support



Wowza Streaming Engine is used to deliver high quality video content to the viewers who wants to stream their videos to different devices like mobile phones, computers, TV’s and tablets. Wowza Streaming Engine is platform-agnostic, multi-format, and multi-screen. It uses a wide variety of simultaneous security options to stream audios and videos and ensures that the video assets are protected.

It offers expert-email based customer support and access to dot releases and upgrades.



Wowza Media Server is upgraded to Wowza Streaming Engine on 11th Feb 2014 whose demo account is available for 5 days with 4 connections and 250MB of traffic. It transformed the popular media server from command line tool to one with a GUI.

It is very popular streaming platform that allows you to deliver the video content from web to various mobile devices . It supports protocols for Apple iOS, Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash and other 3GPP platforms.


If you wanted to do iOS streaming in Wowza 3 you had to hand code in three locations, but now, in Wowza Streaming Engine, it’s a radio button. The idea of the GUI, which Wowza calls the Wowza Streaming Engine Manager, is to make the engine that powers multiple media sites simpler to operate.

The idea is to get wowza into many hands than before and now the users can understand it directly from the UI rather than refering to the support documents. It is the next gen Wowza Media Server and is the 4th generation of media server. It is a powerful engine that powers CDN’s and other major sites. Wowza server was not having a GUI before effectively limiting its usage earlier to only those who know command line or XML programming.


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