5 Reasons Why VR Provide Competitive Advantage To Your Business

Posted By : Anmol Kalra | 09-Nov-2021


One of the most aspiring technologies in this decade is virtual reality (VR) technology. It is not just limited to games or the entertainment field in generals the VR is expanding to many other fields and businesses, including:

Commercial (Retail – E-commerce), Healthcare, Real Estate, Construction, and many more.


Various businesses have integrated virtual reality in their processes, especially since the covid-19 pandemic. More and more sectors experiencing digital transformation are taking advantage of enterprise Virtual Reality to access cost-effective tools to perceive better products and collaborate more efficiently. Technological advancements are bringing a revolution in almost every sector. By the end of this year, the overall Virtual Reality App Development market will exceed $30.7 billion.


Virtual reality is said to be a computer-generated environment that enables the immersion of the users in a virtual world. For a business setting, this can mean being fully immersed in the data of a 3D application through different display technologies such as a head-mounted display (HMD), power walls, or VR CAVE.

VR helping business



Is AR different from VR?

As explained before, Virtual reality is about replacing your vision and experience with a customized virtual world created to simulate situations for different purposes, either business-oriented conditions or entertainment purposes.

Augmented reality adds digital objects vision to our real-world environment, starting from simple data visualization to detailed objects featured on the popular Pokémon GO game. The game items include AR mobile apps, projected creatures, and icons.

VR applications and Virtual Situations can be experienced with cost-effective headsets. In contrast, AR applications are accessible from smartphones to provide the opportunity to use these technologies' applications in many human-targeted situations to add exceptional value for your business.


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Understanding Virtual Reality for business


1- Providing a clear view of future prospects of your business. 

With VR, analyzing customer behavior gets easier. When you launch your new product, you cannot judge its demand or success in the market without conducting a proper survey. It helps in onlooking the actual future of your product.


It’s even better when your customers get to experience the product in an artificial environment, before getting their hands on the actual product, with minimum hassle. This way, you can determine the potency of your product to sell successfully in the market.


2- Prototyping made easier with VR.


VR has made it possible to simulate and test every procedure in manufacturing and production businesses. Compared to traditional wiring/unwiring and fumbling with machinery, this can be done quickly and effectively with VR compared to the conventional wiring/unwiring and feeling with machinery.


R&D sectors now prefer VR app development since making prototypes consumes costs heavily. We can design ideas simply with the help of VR. Also, architects are now using VR technology to demonstrate their designs to clients before starting the project.


3- Making advertising innovative


There is no doubt about the power of Virtual Reality and how it can change the whole face of the media industry. With Virtual Reality, businesses can advertise and make their product popular in a whole new innovative way.  


Brands can now make their publicity campaigns stand out from others and distinctly show their superiority in technology in the market. The magnitude of involvement and intensity the messages can portray in such advertisements is invaluable.


Virtual Reality tech is helping to grab the attention of audiences and investors with 3D ad experiences like never before.


4- Taking E-commerce to a Whole New Level


People do not want to pay for stuff they haven’t tried or seen face to face, which is a big problem for e-commerce businesses. With the help of VR technologies, firms and businesses can present trial options for various product types.


This will help customers paint a clear and exact picture of how their post-purchase experience will be. Real estate markets, luxury sports cars, or be it aircraft businesses, everyone is enabling VR-powered test drives and tours from anywhere across the globe.


You cannot afford to avoid the VR option in your business because as soon as your peer competitor kicks up their game to VR, you will need to get on the train too.


5- Exploring possibilities with minimum risk


Are you doubtful and confused about investing in a new wing of the business? Or perhaps you want to make a total renovation but are scared of how it will turn out and are thus letting the idea go altogether because you don’t like to send money down the drain? VR will enable you to explore the scenarios of your plans minus the investment risks and let you make a better decision.


Your manager or designer will be able to see your ideas without having to create expensive physical mock-ups. With a high-quality VR headset, you can experience all the design concepts you desire without having to get out of the chair.


Why Opt Oodles for your Business? 

In this era of technology-based businesses, it is necessary to stay updated regularly on technology innovations and inventions. If you don’t, then chances are that your business will lag behind your peers.


With mobile application development embracing these trends, one can only wonder what lies ahead. The tech-savvy public is already inclining towards such innovation. However, they must know their limitations in terms of security and privacy. At Oodles, we have a tech-savvy team of app developers to turn your VR ideas into reality. Reach a large user base with a mobile app that will never disappoint you and take your business to new heights.


Drop us a mail today and start your VR journey.


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