4 Reasons To Develop A Progressive Web App

Posted By : Vidushi Vij | 07-Mar-2018

develop a progressive web app

There is no doubt that Progressive Web Apps is the major change in the web development world. Though native apps are still in use and won't vanish completely anytime soon.  Progressive Web Apps are much better than the native apps in every aspect. PWAs provide features which were unavailable at the time of native apps. Have look at some of its benefits:


1. Speed
Progressive Web Apps are extremely reliable as well as efficient. The content is cached easily in the app hence gives the better user experience. Earlier, people used to find difficulty while browsing the mobile apps because of its performance. But all this is gone with the PWAs. They take less loading time and are much faster. No matter how poor the connection is, PWAs are designed to work smoothly. You can navigate, watch videos, photos at a high speed. 


2. Security
A website is always better when programmed in HTTPs as it makes PWAs possible. For every web developer, the cyber threats are the main concern and earlier the HTTP was not very secure to guarantee consumer information protection. Now, websites which are in HTTPs makes the launch of Progressive Web App easy as they make the web environment safe. Therefore you don't need to worry after filling your personal information such as your credit/debit card information into PWA. 


3. Offline Access
Is app working in the offline mode as well shocking for you? Well, many people find it very impressing. This can be possible as service workers help your PWA to work offline. It helps your PWA to work in an area of low or even no connectivity. Service worker is the backbone of the PWA which works in the background and uses cache and gather API that helps in faster loading of PWA. 

4. Make Adjustments Fast
There are many advantages of PWA over the native app. The PWAs eliminate the need for multiple builds to the app store. Earlier, in native apps, you had to interact with the app store again and again for any changes, or bug fixes which are not in the case of PWAs. The PWAs can fix any bug or make changes instantly thus it does not waste any time.

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