4 Programming Languages You Can Use to Create Chatbots

Posted By : Vidushi Vij | 26-Dec-2017



Choosing an AI (artificial intelligence) programming language is not difficult but it can be confusing. So, if you are one of then who gets confused to pick the right programming language for Artificial Intelligence then you have come to a right place.



Python is one of best programming language for creating Artificial Intelligence chatbots. This object-oriented language is widely used by the developers all around the world. There is the number of reasons behind the popularity of python, such as:


  • The large variety of libraries which can be used in AI. 
  • Less development time
  • Easy to write chatbots in Python
  • High-level syntax

2. JAVA:

Java is also a great choice. It is an object-oriented programming language that focuses on providing all the high-level features needed to work on AI projects, it's portable, and it offers in-built garbage collection. Java has some amazing features for the development of AI programming chatbots. They have their own community which is there for you whenever you are stuck somewhere. It provides various features:


  • Scalability
  • Garbage collection
  • Portable
  • Easy to code algorithms


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3. C++

There is no other language which can compete C++ in terms of the speed. This has become the advantage for AI. C++ is the best choice when comes to machine learning and neural network building as it is the fastest programing language in the world. Various other features of C++ over other languages are:


  • When you need high performance it is a great choice
  • Algorithms can be written extensively in C++
  • Provides high-level abstraction
  • Useful for time-sensitive projects 

4. Lisp

Lisp is quite an old programming language but it is still used in developing artificial intelligence chatbots. It is used in many AI projects such as projects, such as Macsyma, DART, and CYC. various features of Lisp are:


  • Symbolic structure of Lisp makes it highly used language for creating AI chatbots.
  • automatic garbage collection
  • Easy coding


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