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Blockchain is one of the most sought after technologies and is currently being used in all major industries including retail, finance, healthcare, insurance, real-estate etc. While it was initially introduced in FinTech sector to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions, the technology turned out to be immaculate and its highly flexible facet led it to become the global benchmark for cyber security. As a matter of fact, Blockchain is the most secure database which stores data (typically any digital record) in a transparent manner. 

At its core, Blockchain is a shared distributed ledger which forms a growing list of records and stores data in a series of blocks that are electronically linked to form an extensive database. Each block has a specified size limit and stores a small patch of data depending on its size limit. For example, in Bitcoin, the block size limit is of 1 MB and it stores 5-6 transactions per block. Blockchain provides a secure, robust and transparent Peer-to-Peer network protected by the most advanced form of cryptography. Apart from that, it also stores the public and private keys of the users and crypto token holders.


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