Smart Contract Development Services

Automating processes, transactions, and agreements with smart contract solutions

We are a leading blockchain development company in India that has built multiple smart contract solutions. We develop smart contract solutions to validate conditions and fulfill the requirements of a quantifiable legal contract. Our smart contract services eliminate middlemen to enable secure, cost-effective, and self-executing agreements that suit your business case.

Our smart contract development services

We automate business processes and facilitate trusted transactions by following standard practices pertaining to smart contract architecture, design, development, audit, and optimization. Our enterprise-grade smart contract development services create operational efficiencies.
Smart Contract Token and ICO Development
We provide customized ICO/STO development services necessary to sell crypto tokens in exchange for fiat and other cryptocurrencies. Our stable ICO/STO development services include strategic design model, trading and liquidity strategies, multi-layered security systems, confidentiality, and enabling multi-currency funding.
Smart Contract Architecture and Design
As early adopters of blockchain technology, we are skilled at creating smart contracts using Ethereum, NEM, Stellar, and other blockchain technologies. Our creative architecture and strategic design enhances operational efficiency, achieve business objectives, reduces transaction costs, and solves operational complexities.

Smart Contract Development Process

We follow standard and proven methodologies to achieve your business objectives

Requirement analysis

Analyzing business logic, evaluating objectives, and proposing a suitable roadmap


Wireframing and designing

Structuring the blueprint, wireframing, and designing the smart contract


Core development

Coding smart contract, submitting design and architecture layout for client evaluation


Testing and deployment

Deploying the created smart contract to testnet for testing and mainnet deployment

Custom blockchain smart contract solutions

We deliver custom solutions for dynamic and diverse industrial needs, enhance processes, and fulfill users’ requirements. Our industrial solutions include, but are not limited to-
Hyperledger Smart Contract Application Development

We provide industry-specific Hyperledger smart contract applications to protect data, enable data retrieval on-demand, and facilitate faster and better transactions. We ensure that your project supports consensus, smart contract, communication, interoperability, and security.

We transform processes in industries like finance, logistics, health wallets, public utilities, media, and advertisements using Hyperledger- Fabric, Sawtooth, Indy, and Composer

Hperledger Fabric
  • Banking and Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Green Assets Management
Hyperledger Sawtooth
  • Music and Media
  • Supply Chain
Hyperledger Indy
  • Digital Identity
Hyperledger Composer
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
Ethereum Smart Contracts Application Development

We solve industrial problems by developing Ethereum smart contract solutions. We increase the reliability and speed of payment systems, enhance business network accountability, manage sensitive transactions and operational efficiency.

Our services include industrial segments like legal operating system, commodity trading, banking and securities, energy sector, and supply chain management.

Legal Industry

Digitising and automating contracts, agreements, and other legal requirements

Commodity Trading

Facilitating commodity trading operations through real-time processing; settlement of illiquid assets, immutable agreements, and achieving regulatory compliance

Banking and Securities

Automating mortgages; managing multi-currency liquidity, streamlining settlements, authenticating KYC data, and setting up smart bonds

Energy Sector

Facilitating efficient power transfer, energy data exchange, grid stabilization and management

Supply Chain Management

Licensing asset and products; managing documents, shipments, provenance, and facilitating easy verification

EOS Smart Contract Application Development

Our blockchain team develops highly efficient and secure decentralized applications using EOS platform’s innovative and custom smart contract functionality. We enable businesses to achieve faster transactions, scalability, easy upgradability, and enhanced performance.

Our experience in EOS smart contract development includes enterprise resource management, messaging apps, social media platforms, asset issuance, e-commerce, accounting for remittances, and gaming.

Enterprise Resource Management

Decentralizing decision support system, automating equipment maintenance, simplifying audit trails, and resolving disputes

Messaging Apps and Social Media

Creating content portals, securing messaging apps, exchanging performance, and enabling social media payments

Asset Issuance and Commerce

Minimizing regulatory difficulties, resolving disputes, ensuring asset-backed securities, and securing e-commerce platforms


Facilitating fast and secure payment networks to exchange virtual in-game items and monetize in-game tokens

Accounting for remittances

Facilitating cross-border payments, real-time payments, P2P fund transfers, and traceable micropayments

Stellar Smart Contracts Application Development

Our Stellar smart contract application development services facilitate coordination between payment providers, interoperability between diverse payment systems, and easy management of micropayments.

We explore stellar features for implementing ICO, STO, DApps, cross-border payment gateways, financial systems, and social enterprises.

Fintech Industry

Enabling micropayments, cross-border payments, low-cost payments and real-time settlements with multi-signature authentication

Mobile Industry

Facilitating mobile money transfer, banking advantage, and wallet creation

Social Enterprises

Providing scalable social app solutions like low transaction cost payment system, decentralized financial applications, multicurrency donation apps, or autonomous distributed apps

Waves Smart Contracts Application Development

We implement enterprise level smart contracts to automate processes with Waves blockchain. We enable you to manage, trade, store and issue digital assets. The key highlights of our Waves development services include voting, atomic swaps, token freezing, oracalization, multisig addresses, and more.

Waves smart contracts are ideal for crowdfunding applications, decentralized financial instruments, and digital asset management and trading.

Public Utilities

Providing secure applications for crowdfunding, payment verifications, smart enterprises, and token-based loyalty apps

Fintech Industry

Delivering multi-signature wallets, facilitating decentralized token exchange, and digitizing assets

Digital Assets

Managing, trading, and storing digital assets with efficiency and security

Multichain Smart Contracts Application Development

We evaluate your business requirements and enable you to maximize productivity while minimizing resource utilization with our multichain smart contract application development services

Our services extend to various industrial segments like finance, logistics, shared digital audit trails, and more.


Building digital financial systems, automating reconciliation process in real-time, and crowd fundraising

Supply Chain Management

Facilitating end-to-end tracking, digital token issuance, direct exchange of tokens, and assured two-way swap

Record Keeping

Maintaining shared digital audit trails and immutable records, resolving disputes, and aggregating multi parties

Retail Industry

Reducing fraud by facilitating B2B payments, cross-border payments, and digital information exchange

Agriculture and Farming

Managing agricultural assets, warehouse quality, supply chains, and quality control

BigchainDB Smart Contract Application Development

We develop scalable applications using smart contract and blockchain database technology. We enable organizations that are looking for a queryable database using blockchain features like immutability, decentralization, and administer database storage as an asset.

Some of the industrial verticals we serve include intellectual property, identity management, logistics, government, gaming, and more.

Gaming Industry

Automating participation and reward process in social gaming networks and enabling ownership of gaming assets

Intellectual Property Rights

Managing user rights, authorship, auditing, licensing, and setting up micropayment channels

Identity Management

Managing identity, records, credentials, sovereign personal data, and securing data exchange

NEM Smart Contract Applications Development

Our NEM smart contract application development services enable quick and secure application deployment and customization with minimum disruption using NEM’s smart asset system.

Our NEM services improve processes in various industries like finance, business management, encrypted messaging, decentralized organizations, and more.

Banking and Finance

Enabling instant payment, mobile banking, escrow services through secured payment applications

Business Management

Enabling efficient business process management with KYC process, automated accounting, supply chain, document sharing, and loyalty rewards

Record Keeping

Securing records through encrypted messages, cryptographic authentication, multi-signatures access, auditing, and anti-counterfeit measures

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