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AngularJS is a widely used JavaScript framework for web development. It’s a frontend development tool and is used by the developers for building powerful websites and web applications. The framework provides all necessary support to the developers for building dynamic web applications and is best suited for creating single-page websites and web applications.

AngularJS is a part of the MEAN Stack Development suite and is developed and maintained by Google. It’s an open-source framework with data binding capability. It makes the HTML conversion quick and easy and provides a rich and responsive user experience. The framework also simplifies content optimization process through two-way data binding application.


Some unique features of AngularJS Web Application Development include:      

  • Scalable applications
  • Fast and Simple
  • High performance
  • Rugged, Robust and Lightweight.
  • Mobile responsive

Why Choose Oodles Technologies?

Oodles Technologies is a leading AngularJS Web Development Company that excels in providing world-class web development solutions for building high quality websites and web applications. We have an extensive experience in AngularJS Mobile App Development and we provide high-octane web development solutions at the best market rates.

We have a proficient team of Full Stack Developers who is highly capable of handling both frontend and backend operations. We also embed Angular 2 in our web development projects for the best possible results.


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