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Wowza is a streaming media software that is popular for its unmatched live streaming services along with VOD. It is a Java application that can be easily deployed to any of the Operating Systems available in today’s time and age. Popularly known as Wowza Streaming Engine, it was released on February 19, 2007 as an alternative to Adobe Flash Media Server and catered to streaming video and audio. Apparently, it seems that Wowza Live Streaming Services might overtake other video streaming service providers in the years to come with its current success rate in the media streaming industry.


Benefits of Wowza Streaming Engine :


  • Future-Ready : It is compatible with the current industry standards, formats and codecs which establishes it as a future proof tool for streaming live content and VOD.


  • Software with a Complete lot of Tools : A complete set of tools which allows to empower the present gen streaming ecosystem from encoding to availability of APIs to containing an option for native media player too.


  • Ample Control Provided : Customized settings available to control your streaming with support from the potent APIs and the innovative interfaces provided with Wowza applications.


  • Scalability : Streaming of live content and VOD all across the world simultaneously to all kind of devices including PCs, laptops, mobiles, tablets etc.


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