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Wowza is a renowned media streaming engine popular for it excellent live streaming services, developed by the Wowza media systems. One can use Wowza 4.3 to create live streaming sessions for a global delivery by utilizing CloudFront. Further, this Wowza streaming engine 4.2 supports the following streaming protocols based on the HTTP.


  • HLS (HTTP Live Streaming)

  • HDS (HTTP Dynamic Streaming)

  • Seamless Streaming



Benefits of using Wowza Streaming Engine:


  • To ingest the live stream, it utilizes preferred encoding solutions for required needs, from broadcast-grade MPEG-TS hardware to free software-based RTMP encoders.  

  • Delivers audio/video streams to supported devices or players over any protocol just by using a single media server.

  • Creates linear, live or on-demand streaming apps for news, live events, surveillance, monitoring, video libraries and more.

  • Records the live stream to a file for on-demand playback. It records the overall webcast into a single file, divides the file for chapter replay.

This amazing streaming player even supports multiple types of playback clients and devices for streaming, such as Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Silverlight Player, Apple QuickTime Player and more on iOS devices, 3GPP mobile phones, IPTV set-top boxes and game consoles including Wii, Xbox and PS3.

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