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Grails is an open-source framework for web development that enables you to create high quality web applications. Grails framework is licensed by Apache Software and it makes use of a unique programming language called Groovy. Groovy is an object oriented language with some elements of Java that provides a powerful development environment for building dynamic web applications. As a matter of fact, many of the features offered by Groovy are quite similar to those of Ruby, Python, Perl and Smalltalk.  


Compared to other similar frameworks, Grails is easy to implement. The framework uses a “coding by convention” paradigm owing to which, all the Java Developers can master it in a relatively short interval of time. Not only that, the grails framework offers high productivity at low maintenance costs.



Business Benefits of Using Grails


  • Low Maintenance.

  • Developer Efficiency.

  • Reusability.

  • Ease of Java Integration

  • Agility.

  • Cost Savings

  • Increased Developer Productivity.



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