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Node.js is a platform that comes under the four main applications under Mean Stack. It is built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime to assist building scalable and rich network applications. Node.js utilizes an event-driven non blocking I/O type model which makes it light and efficient to use and implement. It is most suitable for data-intensive real-time applications that run on distributed devices. We can also create web servers based on Node. All the basic modules of Node.js are written in JavaScript so that the developers can easily write new modules. The use of JavaScript makes it the first choice of all the developers. Node.js Development Services had been extremely popular because of its simplicity and powerful impact in building customized web applications.


Some major applications that can be built using Node.js are :


  • Web Applications


  • HTTP Proxy based applications


  • SMTP Servers used for mail and other applications which are network intensive.


Salient Features of Node.JS

  • Makes the backend development process fast.

  • Runs on the V8 engine of Google resulting in faster code execution.

  • Incorporates an Event-driven architecture.

  • Provides powerful tools for building real-time web applications.

  • Can be used for building social games and chat applications.

  • Can be used for building live video streaming applications.


Why Oodles Technologies?

When it comes to MEAN Stack development, Oodles Technologies is one of the top rated companies you’ll find in the market. NodeJS being one of the four technologies used in the MEAN forms a significant part of our expertise. We are a Node.JS Web Development Company which specializes in developing customized web applications based on Node.js, Mean Stack and Full Stack. We have a widespread portfolio of clients from around the globe and we always seek for new connections.


Providing best Mean Stack Node.JS Development Services to our clients from around the world is our forte and we feel immensely proud to say so as our seasoned team of professionals have already proved their excellence multiple times in the past.


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