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There is now a huge demand for Node.js application developers at present because of the ever increasing number of firms choosing for Node.js based application development. Node.js use a non-blocking I/O model. This makes it more efficient and lightweight at the very same time. Added to this, npm-Node.js package ecosystem is among one of the largest ecosystems when it comes to open libraries worldwide. The expert Node.js developers make effective use of the latest API and toolkits.


Node.js serves itself as a server-side solution for JavaScript, particularly to receive and respond to HTTP requests. In today’s digital space, Node.js development services are extremely popular because of its simplicity and strong impact in building customized web applications.

Salient Features offered in Node.JS:

  • Runs on the V8 engine of Google which result in faster code execution.

  • Incorporates an Event-driven architecture.

  • Offers powerful tools for building real-time web applications.

  • Can be used to build social games and chat applications.

  • Can be used to build live video streaming applications.


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Oodles technologies is an eminent name when it comes to Node.js Web development company along with an expertise in offering excellent Node.js application development services. Added to this, we have a team of expert developers who are more than capable of creating the most responsive and efficient web apps which help businesses to evolve at a rapid speed. With an experience of more than 7 years in the said niche, we proudly can say that we are one of the best in providing Node.js development services.

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