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Live Video Streaming is defined as a continuous flow of media in real-time over the internet. It provides valuable means for the content owners and publishers to broadcast their content and reach the target audiences in real time. Live Streaming of media is largely in trends these days and it’s also turning out to be a sturdy medium for online advertisements. Thus, it’s being used by a large number of advertising agencies all over the world for the promotions, marketing and branding of different products and services.


Besides, Live Streaming has gone mainstream nowadays with so many apps rendering support for Live Video Streaming. Facebook Live and Live on Instagram are few examples of the live streaming integration in mobile apps. Recently Honda Malaysia and Amazon launched their products live via Facebook Live feature in order to increase their Brand Exposure and to grow their market share in their respective fields at the same time.


One of the most lucrative features of Live Video Streaming is that the video can’t be downloaded. It can only be viewed. So this renders some level of security to the content owner. For instance, the Live Videos on Facebook are automatically deleted after 24 hours. This also creates a suspense and curiosity among the viewers about the upcoming videos. Thus, people wait for that particular broadcast to happen. Apparently, many Live Video Streaming Service Providers have emerged in the recent past but to choose the best among them is a real big task.



Major Benefits of Live Video Streaming :


  • Increase in Brand Value.

  • Easy to reach massive audience in relatively less time.

  • Helps you stay unaffected in the intensifying competition.

  • Exploring new marketing and revenue opportunities.

  • Most interactive and engaging medium of online advertising.

  • Helps you make important announcements in real-time.



Why Choose Oodles Technologies ?


Oodles Technologies is a leading Offshore Software Development firm with an extensive experience in creating out of the box web and mobile applications. We also provide expert solutions for creating network based web and mobile apps for streaming real-time media. We work on the most advanced and cutting-edge technologies to bring you the best results for your application.


We have more than 7 years of experience in Online Video Content Management and we have carved our niche in this domain. We also provide development solutions for the popular streaming media players like Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. The Live Video Streaming Experts working with us are highly proficient in building business-specific customized video streaming apps for web and mobile platform.


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