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Grails is an open-source framework used for web application development. The word Grails is derived from the term, “Groovy on Rails.” This web development framework is based on Java and makes use of a programming language called Groovy. In fact, the framework was formerly known as Groovy on Rails which was later changed to Grails due to some copyright claim. Grails provides various vibrant features to the web based applications. Grails offers a stand-alone development environment for creating high-end web applications. Grails is based on Java Virtual Machine (JVM). In comparison to Ruby on Rails, Grails is pretty advanced.



Listed below are some of the development services offered by Grails:


  • Web application development as well as its upgradation.

  • Enterprise application development

  • E-commerce application development

  • Website development

  • Various web based testing services

  • CMS, reports and analytics development



Why Choose Oodles Technologies For Grails Development?


Oodles Technologies is an Offshore Grails Development Company spending thousands of man-hours in creating the most advanced and sophisticated web applications using cutting edge technologies like Grails.


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  • Effective, better and systematic working procedure that results in ideal application development environment.

  • Providing efficient delivery of Grails solutions on time, that too at reasonable costs.

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