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Grails is an open-source web development framework which serves as an effective tool for building scalable and responsive websites as well as web applications. This framework makes use of an exclusive programming language called Groovy. In fact, Grails itself is loosely an acronym for Groovy on Rails. As matter of fact, it was initially called Groovy on Rails which was later changed to Grails due to some copyright infringement proposed  by a similar framework called Ruby on Rails.


Grails framework is also based on Java and although it isn’t that much in use these days, it is perhaps the perfect way to start your first development project. The Grails framework is quite easy to learn and implement as compared to the other web development frameworks like AngularJS, NodeJS, Mongo DB and HTML 5. Grails offers a stand-alone development environment for creating high-end web applications. Grails is based on Java Virtual Machine (JVM). In comparison to Ruby on Rails, Grails is pretty advanced.



Listed below are some of the development services offered by Grails:


  • Web application development as well as its upgradation.

  • Enterprise application development

  • E-commerce application development

  • Website development

  • Various web based testing services

  • CMS, reports and analytics development



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