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Grails is a renowned web framework based on Groovy and Java and it can be deployed into prevailing Java web servers, such as Tomcat or Jetty. Added, its scaffolding strategies let developers create a new project within a few minutes. It is based on the idea of “convention over configuration” which provides a stand-alone milieu.


Grails was developed to:


  • Offer high-productivity web framework for the Java platform.

  • Reuse proven Java Technologies like Hibernate and Spring under an easy and consistent interface.


  • Provide a continuous framework that can reduce confusion and is easy to comprehend.

  • provide sample applications that can demonstrate the essentiality of the framework


  • Provide a full development mode, including automatic reload of resources and web server.


Target Audience for Grails:


  • Groovy or Java developers looking for a combined development milieu to build web-based applications.

  • Developers who don’t have much experience in Java and looking for a high-productivity milieu to create web-based applications.


Besides, Grails features dynamic methods on several classes via mixins. A mixin is to a method that is incorporated into a class automatically as if this functionality had been compiled in the program.


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