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Grails is an exclusive web development framework that is used to create top-quality web applications and websites. This framework utilizes Groovy which is a programming language. Groovy basically refers to an object-oriented programming language similar to C++, however, it is built to be used on Java platform. Grails has numerous benefits of utilizing Groovy like it can be easily compiled with Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and can act as a scripting language for the Java platform. In fact, initially, Grails was known as Groovy-on-grails, but later it was changed into Groovy due to some copyright infringement. Grail framework is licenced under the Apache and has become famous for providing developers with requisite support to build high-end web applications and websites.


Using Grails provide you with several benefits such as helpful in rapid web application development. Many big giants use Groovy and some of them are Netflix, Cisco, Airbus Group, IBM, LinkedIn, Sony, MTV, Nestle, Vodafone, etc.


Some of the objectives for which it was introduced:


  • A consistent framework.

  • GSP using templates (Groovy Server Pages).

  • Unique tag libraries to create web page components.

  • Customizable and extensible Ajax support.

  • Provides a full development mode along with including a web server

  • Automatic reload of resources.


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