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Grails is an exclusive web development framework used for building top-notch websites and web applications. Grails framework makes use of a programming language called Groovy which is an object oriented programming language like C++ except for the fact that it is built to be used on Java platform. Groovy language has its own share of benefits. It can be easily compiled with the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and acts as a scripting language for Java platform. As a matter of fact, Grails was formerly known as Groovy-on-rails but the name was later changed to Grails due to some copyright infringement. Grails framework is licensed by Apache and it provides requisite support to the developers for building high-end web applications.



Key Features of Grails Development:


  • Rapid web application development using the advanced features of Grails/Groovy platform.

  • Social media applications along with ecommerce/CRM applications incorporated.

  • Java J2EE powered enterprise class Grails Applications included.

  • Custom Content Management System (CMS).

  • On-demand software delivery models with built-in subscription/licensing models.

  • Comprehensive database programming solutions with integrated industry APIs such as Google Maps, Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, Google Places and various trusted payment gateways.

  • Retail, CRM and Online merchandising application solution.


Why Choose Oodles Technologies For Grails Development?

Oodles Technologies is an Offshore Grails Development Company spending thousands of man-hours in creating the most advanced and sophisticated web applications using cutting edge technologies like Grails.



  • Dedicated and highly experienced and dedicated team of Grails Development.

  • Effective, better and systematic working procedure that results in ideal application development environment.

  • Providing efficient delivery of Grails solutions on time, that too at reasonable costs.

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