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Wowza Streaming Engine is a powerful streaming media server used for streaming of live and on-demand videos over the network to a device. It can stream over local IP networks to a number of multimedia devices such as laptops, desktops, mobiles, tablets, gaming consoles and any other network-connected devices. Moreover, it can be integrated with a third- party video technology. Wowza is also capable of streaming to multiple devices simultaneously. A Wowza engine is based on Java and easily supports platforms such as Linux, Solaris, Unix, Windows and Mac OS X. Content owners and publishers can create and publish live video streams through Wowza server.


In addition to it, it's a scalable software and easy to afford. Wowza offers similar services like
Red5, Kaltura and Adobe Flash Media Player. Wowza Streaming Engine is brought to you by Wowza media systems and it also has the capability to perform a plethora of multimedia tasks such as
muxing/demuxing, encoding/decoding, and audio/video conversions.  


Wowza Features:

  • Scalability
  • Adaptive streaming
  • Interactive communications(video chat and conferencing, audio/text chat, screen sharing, and online multiplayer games)
  • Having future-proof core architecture.
  • Live and On-demand audio and video streaming.
  • Streams video over the network without requiring much hardware requirements.


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