Wowza Media Streaming Developers

Wowza Streaming Engine is a web-based streaming media server built and managed by Wowza Media Systems. Wowza lets you stream live and on-demand audio/video content over the local IP networks. It provides you with high-end media handling capabilities and also helps you publish and broadcast your audio/video content so that it may reach the targeted audience. Wowza Streaming Engine enables you to stream through various types of devices including tablets, smartphones, desktops, IPTV set-top-boxes, gaming consoles, Apple QuickTime Player and 3GPP mobile devices.

The server is based on Java and runs on all superior operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Unix, and Mac OS X. Instead of that, it offers a secure way to perform an array of multimedia tasks such as encoding, decoding, muxing, demuxing and audio/video conversions.

The Wowza engine is created with a future-proof core architecture. Wowza offers a gold standard of customizable streaming server software for developing and delivering high-end streaming on any scale. Moreover, it is packed with resources and tools for developers.

Why Choose Oodles Technologies?

Oodles Technologies is a leading IT company that creates highly-efficient solutions and products for video streaming. It has achieved expert-level qualification in providing top-class live video streaming services using our vast experience in Wowza Media Streaming Services. Our developers possess up-to-date knowledge about the latest technologies.

We also have our proven expertise in Adaptive Bitrate (ABR), VBR and nDVR Streaming. We emphasize on delivering services which are scalable and best in quality. Our developers are well versed in Transcoding and are not restricted to any protocol. We also professed in Content Security and Load Balancing Customization.

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