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Want to embellish your Mobile App with real-time communication capabilities? Use our expertise in WebRTC Mobile App Development Services.

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications is comprised of a collection of communications protocols and application programming interfaces. This further allows a real-time communication over peer-to-peer connections. In fact, WebRTC allows web browsers to seek information from a user’s browsers. Additionally, it allows seeking resources from back-end servers. It also offers some interesting features like file transfer, video conferencing, chat and desktop sharing without any requirement of internal or external plugins.

WebRTC has many JavaScript APIs which help embed communication technology in browsers. Its primary benefit is real-time peer-to-peer audio/video communications. One of the greatest benefits of WebRTC is that you don’t require any type of external plugins (external or internal) while utilizing applications like video conferencing, file transfer, chat, or desktop sharing. Also, it can eliminate the need to download native apps. WebRTC is standardized by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).

Why Choose Oodles Technologies?

Oodles Technologies is a renowned name when it comes to creating P2P WebRTC platforms that support various excellent features like video call, instant messaging, media conferencing, desktop sharing, decentralized app development and face detection.

We a have team of deft developers who have extensive experience in WebRTC software development. We also have our expertise in Wowza Streaming Services, Kaltura Live Streaming Services and Red 5 Streaming services.

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