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Looking for world-class Video Stream On Demand Service Providers? Your search ends here at Oodles Technologies. Use our expertise in Live and On Demand Video Streaming Services for a holistic Video Streaming Development and Integration.

Video on Demand is a joint multimedia system which enables the users to stream audio/video content in real time directly on their television screens. A major benefit of using VoD systems is that you have an option to choose the type of movie you want to watch from a massive database. Plus, VoD Streaming allows you to create your own video streams and a variety of different video options to choose from.

The video data is transmitted via real time Streaming Protocol. In Video on Demand, you can watch a program of your choice at any time of the day irrespective of what others are watching. Also, the program you are watching at a particular time can be different from the program being watched by the other customers in the same area. Perhaps, this is just like a Video rental shop in your own area.

What Oodles Technologies can help you with?

Oodles Technologies specializes in delivering customized solutions for high quality media streaming platforms. We have a team of experts with hands on experience in all kinds of video streaming applications including Live Video Streaming, Video On Demand Streaming, customized video streaming and building a CDN etc. Our engineers here at Oodles consistently strive to give the client what they desire. The comprehensive media streaming services offered by us are of foremost quality with high uptime.

Apart from that, we also provide custom solutions based on the requirements of clients. Our video streaming experts are also highly capable of providing streaming with geolocation checks, customized load balancing, scalable solutions in media hosting, development of Set-Top-Boxes applications and also consulting in opting suitable CDN (streaming platform).

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