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Video Streaming Services

Video-on-demand (VoD) is a system that allows users to select or watch content which they like on their TVs or computers. It uses IPTV technology to bring VoD to televisions and other visual systems. The system lets users watch any video content like movies and shows at any time rather than waiting for its broadcasting time of streaming. With VOD services, viewers can stream video content in real-time or download shows of their choice to watch them later. Here, the video content is transmitted over the Real-time Streaming protocol. Moreover, it offers complete features of DVD players and Portable media players. Television VoD systems are able to stream content through set-top boxes or computers. It is largely used for video conferencing.



One of the best advantages you can have is that you can watch your favorite programs in real-time. No more waiting for the program on Tv to be broadcasted. The VoD streaming employs a pay-per-view (
PPV) payment scheme and it features free content. However, VoD and PPV differ from each other because of one distinctive feature. In PPV, it does not provide the feature for recording a movie or show that you are watching whereas VoD platform lets you record and download it to a portable media player or portable computers.



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