DevOps Services Costs and Benefits

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | 29-Jul-2020

DevOps Services Costs and Benefits

The modern-day software applications are becoming increasingly complex to address the ever-changing security demands and rising quality standards. At the same time, these software systems are rapidly changing to keep up with the needs and expectations of end-users. As a result, it has become difficult for developers to maintain system consistency, stability, quality, and bring innovation at the same time. Development and operations (DevOps) process provides a holistic approach to strengthen and streamline software development, deployment, and IT operations. DevOps brings developers and operators together to improve software quality, enhance its features and performance. 


At Oodles Technologies, we have a dedicated DevOps infrastructure that enables enterprises to reliably develop and deliver applications faster and more efficiently. Our DevOps solutions and services let you switch from traditional software processes to continuous delivery and continuous integration model for improved process efficiency. 


Let’s explore the main benefits of availing DevOps services and important factors to consider when you look for a DevOps service provider company


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Benefits of DevOps Solutions and Services

As already discussed, DevOps solutions enable organizations to accelerate software development, deployment, and testing with a focus on continuous integration and continuous delivery. It brings development and operations teams together to boost process efficiency and reduce software development lifecycle. Given below are the main benefits of implementing a DevOps strategy. 


Faster Software Delivery

Implementing DevOps solutions render automation across various processes to accelerate the product development lifecycle. It facilitates continuous software delivery by establishing a quick and reliable reverse feedback cycle to make the development process faster and more efficient.


Effective Collaboration

DevOps services enable organizations to establish an effective collaboration between development and operations teams. The operations team continuously monitors software quality and sends direct feedback to developers. Developers, upon receiving feedback, make essential changes required to improve software performance, thereby reducing the software development lifecycle.  


Continuous Deployment

To address the dynamically changing user requirements, it is essential to adopt a proactive deployment strategy that yields shorter release cycles. Implementing DevOps solutions enable a software organization to develop and integrate code in perfect sync through automated CI/CD pipelines. With DevOps, you can also automate quality assurance services by embedding various software testing tools. With automation at every level and seamless integration, it further accelerates software releases. 


Time and Cost Savings

DevOps accelerates the product development lifecycle and reduces time-to-market. Furthermore, it facilitates a seamless collaboration between developers and operations experts to achieve continuous integration, continuous deployment and continuous delivery. Following this approach allows software companies to significantly reduce their development and operational costs. 


DevOps Solutions and Services Costs

According to a survey by KMS Technology, 85% of DevOps transitions may take up to one year to complete. The average hourly rate of DevOps engineers ranges from $80 to $100 depending on the geographical location. Understandably, DevOps solutions are cheaper in South Asian countries like India as compared to the US, UK, and many European countries. 


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The impact of implementing a DevOps strategy is felt throughout the organization. It accelerates software development, brings agility, and streamlines IT operations by reducing overhead costs and operational complexities. DevOps ensures faster product delivery by facilitating a smooth collaboration between development and operations teams. Besides, it enables developers to seamlessly integrate various features and functionalities to significantly improve software performance and capabilities.  


Why Choose Oodles Technologies For DevOps Solutions?

We are seasoned DevOps solutions and service providers with vast experience in providing full-scale DevOps solutions for varied business requirements. Our team of DevOps professionals formulates effective strategies to strengthen your enterprise IT infrastructure and enhance operational efficiency. Our 360-degree DevOps solutions and services accelerate software development lifecycle and ensure faster delivery with continuous deployment. For project related queries, reach us out at [email protected]


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