Private Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain technology promises a new business and technology model that creates a positive and penetrative impact on the businesses today. The enterprises and technology innovation leaders have understood the implications and are exploring this technology for businesses.

One of the business initiatives is to opt for private blockchain as per the strategy. In private blockchain, the permissions are centralized to the organization who meets the privacy and compliance requirements. Further, cryptographic auditing and identities of the internal processes are valued more.

At Oodles technologies, we have realized this organizational benefit and deliver extraordinary private blockchain solutions for our clients. We help you to customize the blockchain parameters, create your own identity, transact within the restricted groups, own and monetize the data.

Technical Expertise
  • Java, Python, NodeJS, C#, C++, and Solidity programming knowledge
  • Back-end development with HTML, CSS, and MongoDB
  • Working knowledge of ethereum platform and Bitcoin
  • Knowledge of network and security skills
  • jQuery, AngularJS, GoLang, API development
  • Linux System administration
  • Cryptography, cryptocurrency, and risk management
Industrial Segments We Serve
  • Banking and Finance
  • Supply chain and Logistics
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Food safety
  • Fashion Industry
  • Cross-border payments
Features and Advantages of Private Blockchain Deployment
  • The chances of system shut down are negligible because the node is independent of single central machine.
  • As it consists of limited participants, the network agility is not hampered and the capacity is comparatively greater.
  • There is no fear of hack or virus threat because the organization owning the blockchain selects the participants beforehand.
  • The blockchain could be made compliant with regulations like Know Your Customer, Anti-money laundering, and many more.
  • The company running the blockchain are able to change blockchain rules, reverse the transactions, or modify the balances.
  • The transactions are cost-effective and affordable as they are verified by a few nodes with high-processing power.
Reasons to Opt Oodles Technologies for Private Blockchain Development
  • Trusted expertise to start your business on the blockchain
  • Produce new business value with our expert team
  • Simplify blockchain complexity for commercialization
  • Offer liquidity to small and enterprise-level businesses
  • Deliver Enterprise-grade security and Ease of use
  • Help you realize the desired business outcomes

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