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Blockchain Application Development Services

With Oodles Blockchain, we enable you to leverage blockchain and adjacent technologies including Shared Ledger and distributed Ledger, Smart Contracts, decentralized applications, and more to meet your industry and business specific needs for today and tomorrow. With our industry-rich experience, we help you navigate through the adoption, integration and implementation journeys of blockchain networks.

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Transform the way your business functions

With Blockchain improve security, achieve scalability, establish transparent and trusted processes.

  • Improved efficiency and speed
  • Decentralized processes
  • Digital and automated transactions
  • Transparency and immutability of records
  • Security with encrypted records
  • Reduced costs
  • Easy traceability
  • Automated validation and verification
  • Complete digitization
  • Customizable

Our core blockchain services

From technology consulting and development, to integration and testing services and beyond.

Smart Contract Development

SaaS Software Application services

We enable you to achieve transparent record keeping, make convenient transactions, automate monitoring, reduce intermediary costs, create accurate and immutable contract systems, and facilitate upgrades through our smart contract development.

  • ICO/STO Development
  • Stable Coin Development
SaaS Software Application services
SaaS Software Application services

Blockchain Expertise

SaaS Software Application services

Our experts assess and analyze the impact of blockchain technology adoption for your business and work on multiple aspects such as viability and feasibility of the blockchain use-case, before we build the solution. Our focused methodologies enable you to achieve more efficient processes and gain the competitive edge. The key services we provide includes:

  • EOS Application Development
  • Hyperledger Application Development
  • Credits Blockchain Development
  • Stellar Application Development
  • NEO Blockchain Development
  • Ethereum Application Development
  • Multichain Application Development
  • NEM Application Development

Blockchain Application Development

SaaS Software Application services

Our implementations across multiple industries are easing out the challenges of processes and technology interoperability with blockchain app development. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Secure Application Development
  • Supply Chain Application Development
  • Education Application Development
  • Healthcare Application Development
  • DRM Product Development
  • Blockchain in ERP
  • Identity Management Solutions
  • Insurance/Claim Application Development
SaaS Software Application services
SaaS Software Application services

Custom Blockchain Development for Business

SaaS Software Application services

Being the early adopters, our expertise in designing and developing custom protocols for blockchain meet your industry-specific dealings such as operations, business model, and enhance efficiency.

  • Integrating AI in blockchain
  • Zero Knowledge Proof Implementation
  • Blockchain Development
  • Permissioned Blockchain Development

Fintech Application Development

SaaS Software Application services

At Oodles, we bring the relevance of blockchain to financial sector by facilitating faster payment infrastructure and processing at reduced transaction costs, enabling cross border payments, and creating a robust and decentralized financial ecosystem. Our versatile services include:

  • Exchange Development
  • Wallet Development
  • POS/Merchant Solutions
  • Crowdsale/ICO Development
  • Lending Solutions
SaaS Software Application services

Discover more about our distinctive services

Avail reliable and advanced blockchain technology solutions for your business.

DApp Development Services

We bring more innovation and solutions to your business services by developing decentralized applications. We enable you to leverage the power of blockchain and the robustness of dApps to solve business and customer issues by connecting buyers, sellers, and owners, explore e-commerce market, social media services, crowdfunding, gaming, and more.

  • Decentralized Control

    Making operations autonomous and protecting applications against fraudulent activities

  • Ease of data access

    Adding ease and simplicity for data access and related processes

  • Edge Computing

    Supporting low-latency, security, data-sharing by leveraging blockchain based decentralized mobile edge computing

  • Fault-tolerant

    Making fault-tolerant, as DApps possesses decentralized network and doesn't have a single point of failure

POC Development

We offer Proof-of-concept (POC) development services to create prototype for your pilot blockchain business use-case. We assist you in demonstrating the blockchain potential and feasibility in relation to your business value, and thus optimize the processes.

  • Fast Prototyping

    Creating POC prototype at a faster rate to ascertain ideas/theory of your products

  • Business Agility

    Conducting quick POC for your project and its validation to facilitate faster release to market

  • Cost Effective

    Delivering cost effective solutions as your project have no hidden costs and is transparent

Hyperledger for Business Application Development

With our Hyperledger application development services, we build blockchain based systems and applications apt for your industry using Hyperledger frameworks. We ensure that your projects developed under Hyperledger umbrella supports interoperability, security, business components (such as consensus, smart contract, communication), and has an extensible approach.

  • Hyperledger Blockchain Development

    Maximizing confidence, resilience, and flexibility using Hyperledger blockchain stack such as Hyperledger-Fabric, Hyperledger-Burrow, Hyperledger-Sawtooth, Hyperledger-Iroha, Hyperledger-Indy as per the application utility.

  • Hyperledger Development Tools

    Utilizing Hyperledger tools such as Composer, Cello, Quilt, Explorer, etc., for a fast-paced, productive blockchain application development

  • Custom Hyperledger Development

    Providing customized Hyperledger blockchain development services as per business needs and increase performance

Ethereum DApp Development

At Oodles, our competent ethereum dApp developers create apps that prevents tampering of data, possess high resistance against security breach, and has zero downtime. We implement cutting-edge tools and technologies to bring the optimal development solutions as per the business demands.

  • Voting App

    Developing ethereum decentralized voting app for inherent security, transparency, and accessibility

  • Smart Contract

    Building enterprise level smart contract on using tools such as Truffle, Remix IDE, DAppBoard, MetaMask, Solidity, and more

  • Oraclization

    Designing a secure data carrier for decentralized apps with Oraclization to respond against queries to form a consensus in a smart contract

  • Smart Assets

    Offering independence, anonymity and cost-effective peer to peer transactions through smart assets

EOS DApp Development

We follow the best practices to create high performing decentralized apps on the EOS platform for your enterprise. Our DApp developers deploy fast and scalable decentralized apps with permissioned management system, facilitate cost-effective operations, and enable smooth migration to blockchain environment.

  • EOS based Games

    Building low latency decentralized games that offer fluidity to play in near-real time

  • Decentralized Apps

    Developing and deploying enterprise grade apps that fit into the core value

  • Networking Apps

    Enabling you to connect and chat in private through decentralized chat application

  • Wallets and Exchanges

    Creating secure EOS wallets having private keys, continued upgrade, and protection from all latest threats

  • Token and Asset Contracts

    Enabling enterprises for smart contracts, asset and token services for smart business transactions

Cloud based blockchain solutions

We help you adopt blockchain as a service model (BaaS), the viable cloud based solution for your ecosystem to simplify the technical complexities, operations, and infrastructure maintenance. Our expertise in handling backend complexities lets you manage processes easily, bring agility in infrastructure, and enhance operational efficiency.

  • Amazon QLDB services

    Maintaining a full history of data changes by tracking and scaling the applications automatically through Amazon QLDB, an immutable transactional log

  • Azure cloud services

    Bringing scalability, compliance with regulations, two-tier authentication for data, built-in analytics, automated updates, and disaster recovery capabilities

Discover our related services

Services and solutions that work best with Blockchain Application Development Services.

  • SaaS Application Development
  • AR/VR/MR Application Development
  • Cloud Application Development
  • IoT Application Development
  • AI Application Development

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SaaS Software Application services
SaaS Software Application services