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Oodles Technologies deals with all the aspects of

MongoDB development

and other significant technologies like NoSQL database. We are involved in application code, designing and prototyping to help clients build schema design, query optimization, application design, enterprise scaling and a whole heap more to create applications that fits in variety of use cases across different industry verticals. Our expertise in open source technologies allows us to develop products or solutions that integrates technology platform with MongoDb .


is an open source, cross-platform document-oriented database system created and supported by 10gen. It is a part of NoSQL database systems and doesn't store data in tables, like classic relational database, it makes integration of data easy and fast by storing it in structured form.


is designed keeping increasing, rapid performance and boundless scale in mind. It has some impressive features including Field Indexing, Efficient load balancing, Aggregation Framework, Replication, Capped Collections and Flexible data processing etc.


is used by organizations of all sizes for an extensive range of applications. It is a high performance, scalability, and high availability platform. It can be used for scaling from single server deployments to huge, multiplex architectures.


is an ideal platform for projects with large volumes of data.


is suited for archiving & event logging, E-commerce applications, mobile applications, large traffic apps, social networks, large volume problems, document oriented systems and gaming applications.

Business Drivers
  • Competitive rates and cost-effective model
  • Easy and quick development methodology
  • Collaborative approach with clients
  • Incredible open source expertise
Why we?

Proving client-focused solutions. Building effective applications using


to develop websites capable of carrying unlimited visitors without crashing. Focusing on every need of our client including designs, suitability and user interface. Our clients receive 24*7 support and assistance from our team of skilled developers. Unparalleled performance with focus on delivering excellent quality of work.

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